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3 Tips to Make Your Law Firm’s Booking Process More Efficient

— February 2, 2022

You can improve the efficiency of your booking process and boost conversion through social media by adding links to your social media content.

Law firms thrive in the success of their clientele. The more people seek their expertise in various cases, the more they profit as a business. But when clients are hard to come by, it’s time to analyze areas in the business that can be improved on. 

Is your law firm able to attend to your desired number of clients in a day? Are the actual number of clients the same as what you initially desired? If your answer is no, you may want to check if there are stumbling blocks in your current booking or appointment process.  

If you are unsure what to do, here are some ways that you can improve the way your booking system works to get more people to solicit your services.  

  1. Add An Appointment Button To Your Website 

If your law firm has a website, make sure to make it convenient for your visitors to book appointments with your firm. The site builder you’re using has apps or plugins that you can add to the website. Potential clients who need consultation can book an appointment through these apps. They are easy to apply because the coding has already been done for you. All you need to do is to set it up accordingly.

When customers or clients want to book a service, they normally do it themselves with a touch of a button or just a few clicks. Adding a WordPress appointment booking plugin to your website encourages visitors to book the appointment right away, instead of looking for a number to call or an email address to reach your firm. Since these booking plugins run 24/7, you can capture new clients and retain old ones, regardless of date and time. 

Ensure that the button is applied to the menu and on every page of the website. Sometimes, the site builder also allows website owners to include a call-to-action on the button to improve its visibility.  

Now that the booking button is added to your site, level it up to a better system by pairing it with scheduling software.  Nowadays, the booking plugins also work as scheduling software so you don’t need to make an additional investment. 

Set up the scheduling software with dates when you’re available to meet clients that will appear on your website. You also may be able to add available work hours, the duration of the meeting, and the meeting rules. You can share these details using a unique URL that you can add to your direct messages and emails to clients and even to social media posts. 

Using scheduling software adds convenience not only for your website visitors but also to your law firm staff as it lessens their workload. They can fully focus on marketing and operations instead of reaching out personally, via emails, or calling to arrange for an appointment. A scheduling software also helps them save time and minimizes errors.

  1. Apply Local SEO Strategy 

Once you have updated your website with a booking plugin, you can make your booking process more efficient by incorporating local SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is used by website owners to rank high at the search engine page results for local keywords. Individuals tend to make searches of nearby businesses that they can easily reach. The goal of local SEO is to get more customers or clients from your neighborhood.

Woman pointing at virtual screen showing various social media; image by Geralt, via
Woman pointing at virtual screen showing various social media; image by Geralt, via

For instance, your potential clients looking for lawyers may go online and use the most popular search engines for convenience. Typically, they key in relevant and distinct keywords to start their search for law firms. Examples of these keywords are ‘law firms near me’, ‘best law firm [my city]’, or ‘personal injury lawyer [my city]’. Using these keywords, the search engine will then generate sites that are highly related to such keywords. 

Thus, to drive traffic and easily reach you through your website, incorporate high-traffic and low-competition keywords in your area into your website content. For example, insert these terms in blogs so you can optimize your content, such as mentioning a service plus the name of your city (e.g. personal injury lawyer new york). Don’t forget to add a footnote that also mentions your services as a law firm and add a booking button underneath the content.

Remember, the majority of businesses, regardless of industry, may benefit from being on the web. Help your customers find you easily by strengthening and growing your online presence.

  1. Add Links To Your Social Media Accounts

Social media plays a significant role in customer experience as it contributes to how the customers find and reaches out to you. About 82% of the population in the United States has a social media profile. Somewhere in that percentage is a fraction of potential customers looking for your services. 

You can improve the efficiency of your booking process and boost conversion through social media by adding links to your social media content. You can create relevant posts to the law firm’s social media page and make sure that customers are redirected to relevant landing pages or the appointment booking page of your website. It makes having multiple social media accounts worth it, so be sure to utilize the popular platforms. 

In Conclusion 

Your law firm stands a chance in gaining more clients by making sure that interactions and booking appointments are more accessible and made convenient for them. 

Thus, you will need to analyze which booking system is right for your business. Are you benefitting and maximizing opportunities from just mere phone calls and emails? Exploring advanced ways of the booking system will not only help give customers a better customer experience but also reduce double appointments and no-shows. Moreover, your staff can enjoy some of its advantages, too. 

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