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What is Typically Included in Sexual Harassment Training in Kansas?

— December 8, 2021

Those responsible for creating the training should think of what kind of harassment their specific audience may encounter.

Wichita, KS – Many employers have sexual harassment training in place for the purpose of educating workers, limiting the possibility of harassment, and staying current with any laws and regulations in Kansas. There are usually a handful of important concepts and ideas included in this type of training, with a focus on how to detect and report harassment. Unfortunately, not all employers have mandatory training sessions or make their workers aware of sexual harassment laws, which means that illegal behavior is more likely to continue. 

Definitions and terms

Employees should understand what exactly sexual harassment is after their training. The program will give formal definitions of harassment, along with other related terms. It is important that workers know the difference between illegal sexual harassment versus other forms of workplace conflict that may be different or less serious in nature. The most common types of illegal harassment, such as quid pro quo and creating a hostile work environment, can be explained to workers. 

Real world examples

Image by Markus Spiske,
Image by Markus Spiske,

Those responsible for creating the training should think of what kind of harassment their specific audience may encounter. For example, those who are in an office with the same few people every day are likely to experience harassment in a much different manner than those working in service industry jobs who deal with high volumes of customers. 

How to report problems

Depending on the size of the company, there may be designated neutral individuals to receive complaints or a department such as human resources. Workers should know where to go immediately after seeing or experiencing harassment. 

Anti-harassment training

Employers will want to stop harassment as soon as it emerges. This can be accomplished most effectively when workers have knowledge of anti harassment techniques and strategies. This may include intervening in situations where illegal conduct is seen, or reporting problems as a third party who is neither the victim or perpetrator of the behavior. As a deterrent, the company can also outline their consequences for those who are found to have committed harassment. 

Documentation of the training

Trainees can be given documentation of the important concepts and ideas covered in the training as a reference. However, it is also helpful in some situations to get a signed statement from the employee saying that they have attended the training and understand all of the rules that they must follow. This can be used as evidence of disobeying company policy if the worker is ever disciplined or terminated for their conduct. 

Additional legal help is a site that lists lawyers who can help with sexual harassment cases. Anyone who is looking for a local attorney can use the directory to choose a professional who matches their needs in Wichita or other cities. 

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