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What Issues Make a Divorce Cost More Money in Phoenix?

— November 7, 2022

The best way for a couple to end their marriage quickly and avoid legal fees is to have some kind of mediation sessions and agree to a divorce settlement.

Phoenix, AZ – Many of the costs associated with a divorce are correlated with a longer duration of time in court, and the legal fees paid to attorneys as the litigation drags on. The complexity of the case is a related factor, as couples with short marriages and little shared property can usually move on quickly. Data has shown that divorces can cost as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars for wealthy couples with large amounts of litigation, while simple divorces may cost just a couple of thousand dollars. 

Anyone who has financial concerns about the cost of their divorce should meet with a family attorney early in the process to discuss the best course of action. 

Court battles

Some divorce cases involve child custody disputes, property division, and other arguments that may take months or even years to resolve. All of this additional time in court or various other negotiation sessions will cost money to pay for the time of the family professionals involved. If one or both spouses raise additional issues, both the duration and cost of the divorce will increase as more of these problems require a solution. In other words, large amounts of arguing back and forth over an extended period of time is a guaranteed way to make a divorce cost more money. 

Property, assets, investments, and businesses

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Many issues related to the couple’s financial status and holdings are part of the reason why a divorce can take a long time. If they own a business together, have multiple pieces of property, extensive investments, and other property interests that need to be sorted, this cannot be done quickly. These property matters tend to be exacerbated when a couple has a high net worth or has been married for multiple decades. 

Divorce settlements

The best way for a couple to end their marriage quickly and avoid legal fees is to have some kind of mediation sessions and agree to a divorce settlement. Because these sessions are fairly short and the final result is a settlement to end the marriage that can be approved by a judge with no further action, the fees are usually minimal and tied to court costs and paying professionals who were present at the mediation sessions. The final settlement will outline all of the important issues related to child custody, property division, and any relevant support payments, so no further time in court is needed. 

Divorce attorneys in Phoenix

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that can assist with various family law issues in the Phoenix area. Anyone who needs more information about divorces, child custody and support, alimony, or related problems can speak with their lawyers to learn more.

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