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What Kinds of Driving Records are Truckers Required to Keep?

— January 12, 2022

St. Charles, IL – Truck and commercial vehicle drivers are regulated by the Department of Transportation in terms of the time that they can drive each day, when they can take breaks, and the total amount of work they can perform. Most of these regulations are actually created by the federal Department of Transportation, as 

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Status records

Their records should contain a summary of when they were actively working or on duty, rest periods, or other status updates. This can be divided hourly, and the status records should show compliance with the amount of time that the driver is allowed to legally work or perform other tasks. Inappropriate actions at various times can become evidence of negligence in a lawsuit if the driver was working excessively or ignoring transportation regulations related to work time and breaks. 

Shipments and cargo

The trucker should have some kind of record of the cargo on their vehicle. This is especially important if they are handling hazardous materials or other items that may need special care. Aside from losses sustained by the businesses that depend on the cargo, the driver and their employer may be legally responsible for any damage caused by the cargo in the event of an accident.

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Employer requirements

In addition to these driver records, the employer should have access to various administrative records. This can include proof that the driver has their CDL and has met other qualifications. There may also be documents that show the driver’s training records, vehicle maintenance, and anything else that is relevant to comply with laws and regulations. There may be issues about negligent hiring in an accident lawsuit, so the employer should have all of the driver’s credentials and relevant information about their history available.  

Proof of negligence

When there are lawsuits after a truck accident, records can become one of the most important pieces of information. Ideally, the trucker should have all of the relevant qualifications, they should have been following transportation laws, and their records should be complete and accurate. However, the plaintiff’s attorney will attempt to find errors, omissions, or inconsistencies in any of these areas to make a case for negligence and damages. If successful, the trucking business may have to cover medical treatment, lost income, and other kinds of damages.  

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