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What Kinds of Protection Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy provide in Missouri?

— June 6, 2022

It is possible that another person is hurt while on the property, and they can potentially sue the homeowner.

Kansas City, MO – A homeowner receives a substantial amount of protection from the insurance they purchase to cover their dwelling, other structures on the property, and their personal property. In the event of certain kinds of damage, the policy should pay out an amount sufficient to cover losses. However, it is also possible that a claim is denied for certain reasons. These reasons can be legitimate such as a missed deadline or a high deductible, but it is also possible that the insurance provider makes a mistake or simply tries to save money. When a homeowner has problems with claim denials, it is possible that they can meet with an insurance lawyer to get outside help to resolve their problems. 

Natural disasters and weather

A common reason why homeowners insurance claims are filed in Missouri is a severe weather event. This can include things like rain, hail, tornadoes, lightning, snow, and extreme heat. Extreme weather tends to cause roof damage, broken windows, and destroy structures such as fences and trees on the property. Water damage is also common from rain and snowstorms. 

Despite these protections, if there is a flood in the area that caused damage, the homeowner must have a separate floor insurance policy. Flooding is not covered by standard homeowners insurance. The government publishes annual maps that show which homes are in flood zones. 


Firefighters fighting a fire; image by Pixabay, via
Firefighters fighting a fire; image by Pixabay, via

There are a number of things in and around a home that can cause fire damage. This includes appliances, electronics, fireplaces, grills, matches, gas stoves, lighters, and nearby structures that catch fire. If the home is damaged by an accidental fire, the insurance policy will cover the damage to the house itself and any personal property inside that is destroyed by the fire. 

Crime that affects or damages the home

It is possible that a home will be robbed or vandalized by criminals at some point. The homeowners insurance policy can reimburse the policyholder for these kinds of losses at the value of repairs or the cost to replace items that were stolen or damaged.  

When the homeowner is sued

All property owners have a legal duty to prevent injury to guests on their property. It is possible that another person is hurt while on the property, and they can potentially sue the homeowner. This means that the homeowner may have to pay for things like medical treatment and their lost income while they recover. These expenses can be serious if the person was badly injured.

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