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What Problems are Louisiana Homeowners Still Facing after Hurricane Ida?

— March 10, 2022

Some of the most devastating damage caused by Hurricane Ida and other major storms is due to flooding.

Metairie, LA – Hurricane Ida was one of the strongest hurricanes to cause damage in the state of Louisiana in 2021. Homeowners had sustained significant damage to their property, the storm caused billions of dollars worth of total damage, and several people lost their lives during the storm. After such a hurricane, the main form of protection that homeowners have is their homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies. However, dealing with the insurance provider and getting them to actually pay for hurricane damage can be a challenge, especially when large volumes of claims are coming in after a storm. There are law firms who focus on insurance claims related to hurricane damage who can help with this process. 

Claim denials

The process to file an insurance claim and have the provider pay out for property damage costs is not always easy. The company may want to send an adjuster to view the damage, they can ask for various types of documentation and evidence, and they still may deny the claim for a number of reasons. These reasons can include the coverage not being applicable to the specific type of damage, the time limit to file the claim expired, the damage not being sufficient to surpass the deductible amount, or bad faith denials where the insurance company violates the terms of their own policy. 

Settlement issues

Insurance companies offer settlements as a standard way to close out claims. While this is not inherently a problem, it is possible that the settlement amount can be too small and the homeowner would be acting against their interests by accepting the terms of the settlement agreement. Once a settlement is accepted, this also means that there can be no further action taken related to the same claim, even when more damage is discovered at a later time. An attorney who negotiates property damage settlements can try to either renegotiate the claim, or sue for damages if necessary. 

Flood insurance issues

Man in boat on floodplain; photo by Drazen Nesic on
Man in boat on floodplain; photo by Drazen Nesic on Pixnio.

Some of the most devastating damage caused by Hurricane Ida and other major storms is due to flooding. Homeowners will need to have a separate flood insurance policy to cover these kinds of damages, otherwise they are out of luck. Flooding can cause mold to grow, permanently damage wood and surfaces, and require special kinds of repairs or reinstallations. There can also be disputes with the insurance company regarding whether the damage was actually caused by a flood, or other types of hurricane damage such as strong rain and winds.

Hurricane insurance claim lawyers in Louisiana

There are attorneys who can assist with the process of filing insurance claims after a hurricane and appealing denials. Houghtaling Law Firm is available to help clients in Louisiana with their legal issues related to property damage

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