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What Should a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Corpus Christi Do to Solve the Problem?

— April 29, 2022

Workplaces should have someone aside from the victim’s direct boss who is available to accept claims of sexual harassment.

Corpus Christi, TX – Anyone who has become a victim of sexual harassment in their workplace will have to take certain steps to try to get the conduct to stop and seek other forms of relief. Much of this process involves telling the person responsible and the employer about what is happening, and then taking further action through a labor agency or the legal process if necessary.  

There are sexual harassment lawyers who routinely deal with these concerns, and they can provide more specific explanations to anyone who is ready to take action. 

Tell the person or people responsible to stop

The victim needs to put the individual or group responsible for the harassment on notice that their conduct is unwelcome. This can be important at a later time if there are investigations or lawsuits, as the victim is much more likely to succeed if they can point to a specific incident where they informed the individual that they were committing harassment. 

A clearly defined complaint

The victim can then notify the appropriate person or department at their employer. Workplaces should have someone aside from the victim’s direct boss who is available to accept claims of sexual harassment. They should give relevant details such as when and where the conduct happened, who was present, what the person did to harass the victim, and whether the actions in question were verbal, physical, or both. It can be very difficult for the employer to investigate the claim properly without all of this information. This same information may need to be conveyed again if the victim needs to contact Texas sexual harassment lawyers for additional help. 

Getting legal help and bringing a lawsuit

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The final step for a victim who is not satisfied with their employer’s handling of the situation is to  contact Corpus Christi sexual harassment lawyers. The attorney can file a lawsuit that asks for various kinds of compensation as a remedy. This can include costs of finding a new job or comparable work, any lost income or wages, and the costs of treatment such as therapy or counseling. There are limits on how much can be paid out to the victim, and these increase with the size of the employer. Whether the lawsuit will be successful and result in a settlement or jury verdict for the victim depends on many factors, such as the strength of the evidence against the employer and employees responsible, as well as the seriousness of the conduct in question. 

Finding a local attorney in Corpus Christi is a website that assists people with their search for lawyers. Anyone who needs more information from a legal professional can choose a practice area and their location to get started. 

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