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What Should a Worker Do if They are Being Sexually Harassed in Omaha?

— February 18, 2022

If the person is being harassed by their superiors and asked for various forms of sexual conduct, this is called quid pro quo harassment and it is illegal.

Despite increased awareness about sexual harassment in American workplaces, it still happens regularly. This happens when anyone experiences consistent or serious mistreatment due to their gender, and it is illegal. Workers who have been harassed may feel confused and conflicted about what to do. However, it is important for victims to know that they can receive protection and various forms of help when they need to report an incident. Anyone who needs assistance from a lawyer should find local Nebraska sexual harassment lawyers. 

Notifying the person responsible and the employer

The first thing a victim should do is tell the person who is responsible for the harassment that their advances or conduct is unwelcome. This should put the person on notice that they need to stop. The employer should also be formally notified of the situation through human resources or any other department or individual that handles these matters. If the victim is unsure, there should be someone within the company that can direct them to the proper person or department to file the complaint and receive protection. It is also helpful if the victim records the time and date when the company was given notice. 

Fear of retaliation

Graphic of sign saying, "Coming Soon: Unemployment"; graphic by Jay W. Belle Isle.
Graphic of sign saying, “Coming Soon: Unemployment”; graphic by Jay W. Belle Isle.

One reason that not many workers report legitimate cases of harassment is because they fear various types of discipline or mistreatment from their employer for doing so. This is actually illegal and it is considered retaliation. Any time an employer mistreats or terminates a worker’s position for asserting a legally protected right, they can face additional consequences through a retaliation lawsuit. If a worker suddenly finds that they are being treated differently after taking legal action related to sexual harassment, they should discuss the situation with their lawyers immediately. 

Discuss the situation with a legal professional

There are sexual harassment lawyers who focus on these kinds of situations and give advice to their clients regarding how to proceed and whether legal action is necessary. In most cases, if the person is being harassed by their superiors and asked for various forms of sexual conduct, this is called quid pro quo harassment and it is illegal. Even if the problem involves other coworkers, customers, or clients who are harassing the victim, this can still be considered a hostile work environment, and this is legally actionable as well. Other scenarios that do not fit into these two definitions of workplace harassment should be discussed with the attorney for more specific advice. 

Additional information from a sexual harassment attorney is a web directory that lists Omaha sexual harassment lawyers and similar legal professionals in other cities around the country. Anyone who needs assistance from a licensed attorney can choose their state and a relevant practice area to get help. 

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