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When Should a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Raleigh Retain an Attorney?

— February 18, 2022

The main reason that most victims of illegal sexual harassment do not take formal action is fear of retaliation.

After a person experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, they can be unsure about how to handle the situation. This is especially true when considering that most victims of sexual harassment fear that they can lose their job because of retaliation. However, legal help is available and it is possible for any victim to take formal action against their employer and protect their rights as well. There are a few things anyone in this situation can do to improve their chances of success, starting by speaking with North Carolina sexual harassment lawyers. 

Time limits

Victims of sexual harassment should be mindful of the fact that there are time limits to bring a lawsuit. In most cases, sexual harassment claims made under federal law must be brought within six months to fall within the statute of limitations. As a practical matter, this means victims should try to speak with Raleigh sexual harassment lawyers as soon as they can to avoid the possibility of missing out on the appropriate timeframe to bring their case. It is also possible that there are state law claims with a different statute of limitations. 

Other time considerations

Another reason that a victim should try to take action quickly is that lawsuits take time to resolve. After the victim’s lawyers formally file the case, the defendant receives a chance to respond, there are pieces of evidence that must be exchanged through the discovery process, and it is possible that there will be investigations. Most civil lawsuits take between several months and a couple of years to be resolved through a settlement or trial. However, it is possible that the case will take even longer to be completed. Settlement negotiations can take some time for the victim and the defendant to agree on an amount that is sufficient to cover all or most of their losses. Once the case is resolved, the victim can receive compensation and move on with their career.  


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The main reason that most victims of illegal sexual harassment do not take formal action is fear of retaliation. This happens anytime the victim is suddenly mistreated, harassed again, or loses their job after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. Those who have experienced retaliation have the ability to take additional legal action and receive compensation. Anyone who has recently brought action and has the same employer should be mindful of the fact that things like performance reviews and other changes to the worker’s situation can often be used as a pretext for retaliation or discrimination. 

Getting assistance after an incident of harassment is a site that contains listings of sexual harassment lawyers. Anyone who needs to speak with a lawyer can use the site to find an experienced local professional. 

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