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What Should Workers Know About Sexual Harassment in Tampa?

— March 11, 2022

Liability for sexual harassment ultimately falls on the employer, rather than the individual who committed the harassment in most civil lawsuits.

Tampa, FL – Those who have experienced sexual harassment are often confused about how to respond or where to get help. There are processes in place that are meant to assist and protect victims, but it is important for the victim to notify someone before they can receive these forms of help. Tampa sexual harassment lawyers focus their efforts on providing guidance to people in this situation and attempting to receive compensation on their behalf. 

Sexual harassment is illegal

Because sexual harassment in the workplace is considered a form of gender based discrimination, it is not permitted and a business can be liable for allowing this kind of conduct to happen. There are federal and state laws in place throughout the country that provide various protections for workers and remedies for those who have been harassed in their workplace. 

There are Florida sexual harassment lawyers who can provide additional information about the laws and regulations that deal with these issues. 

Many workers do not report sexual harassment after it happens

A few different problems are responsible for much harassment going unreported. The first is fear of retaliation from an employer or the person’s superiors. This is especially true if the victim was engaged in a quid pro situation, where the victim’s continued employment or certain benefits were conditioned on sexual acts. Although retaliation is a legitimate concern in this situation, it is illegal for the employer to retaliate against any person who defends their rights, and they can face additional lawsuits or other problems for retaliating.

Image by Mohamed_Hassan, via
Image by Mohamed_Hassan, via

Many workers also feel embarrassed or vulnerable when they are required to report sexual harassment. Most companies should have a person designated to receive complaints or a human resources department that deals with these kinds of issues. However, victims can also speak to sexual harassment lawyers and have them handle most of this process on the worker’s behalf, then file a lawsuit if necessary at a later time after the employer is formally notified of the harassment.  

The employer is responsible for protecting workers from harassment

Liability for sexual harassment ultimately falls on the employer, rather than the individual who committed the harassment in most civil lawsuits. This is because the employer is responsible for the actions of employees while they are working, and the employer should have things like training, prevention measures, and other resources in place. If an employer is notified of sexual harassment and they allow it to continue, this can be a crucial piece of evidence in any related lawsuit.  

Additional help with sexual harassment lawsuits is a site that provides information about getting in touch with lawyers in Tampa and every other city in the country. Anyone who has concerns about sexual harassment or other legal issues can browse the directory to find a local professional who matches their needs. 

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