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What Should You Do If You Were Injured in an Uber in Florida?

— January 24, 2022

When the Uber app is open and a driver is working but doesn’t have a passenger, Uber’s insurance and the Uber driver’s insurance can cover the cost of your injuries.

Being injured in an Uber accident can be frightening. In Florida, victims can pursue compensation but must first take several steps after an accident. Knowing what you should do if you were injured in an Uber in Florida can help you recover damages quicker.

Accidents involving Uber can be complicated. It’s important to immediately contact Florida law enforcement officers and seek medical attention. Uber’s insurance carrier may try to deny your compensation claim, so it’s necessary to document the accident and your injuries. Next, hire a lawyer. An experienced Florida attorney can explain your options as a victim of an Uber accident. Lastly, seek compensation from the negligent Uber driver.

Things to Do After an Uber Accident in Florida

After an Uber accident, there are a few steps you should take. Calling the police and seeking immediate medical attention is important so you can support your claim for compensation against a negligent Uber driver.

Call the Police

Immediately after you are injured in an Uber in Florida, you should call the police. It’s smart to involve law enforcement officers when dealing with big companies like Uber. Having records of an accident can help you as you seek compensation from an individual Uber driver.

After any car accident, it’s important to call the police. When large rideshare companies are involved, that becomes even more necessary. After you’ve been injured in an Uber in Florida, there is a substantial amount of information to collect. That includes the Uber drivers’ information, as well as their personal insurance and the Uber insurance policy they are covered under. This can be difficult for victims, especially if they’ve been severely injured.

Florida police officers can collect all necessary information and interview the Uber driver and other involved parties. Officers will also complete a crash report that can be helpful to your Florida personal injury lawyers. You can get the appropriate medical care during this time instead of worrying about collecting information.

Go to the Hospital

You should always seek medical care after an accident. However, that’s especially true in Florida. Florida’s no-fault insurance laws only allow victims with specific injuries to sue a responsible party after an accident. When an accident involves a company like Uber, it becomes even more important to have documentation of your injuries as you pursue compensation.

X-ray of person with broken collarbone; image by Harlie Raethel, via
Image by Harlie Raethel, via

Medical professionals can assess your injuries and attest to their severity. It can also create documentation that your injuries were caused by an Uber accident. When it comes to Uber accident victims, passengers are not responsible for their injuries. Either the Uber driver or another party is responsible. For victims to receive compensation from any responsible party, seeking medical attention after an Uber accident in Florida is necessary.

Hiring an Attorney for an Uber Accident in Florida

Florida Uber accident victims should hire an attorney. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident in Florida, a lawyer can help you understand your options. An attorney can tell you the best path to compensation so that you can heal from their injuries, both financially and physically.

An Uber accident can be very complex. It may involve several parties, including other drivers. Such an accident can be overwhelming for victims to handle by themselves. Immediately involving an attorney, can help victims. For example, you may not know that Uber hires drivers as independent contractors, making it nearly impossible to sue Uber itself. An experienced attorney can help you successfully navigate an Uber accident lawsuit so that you can recovery substantial damages from an Uber driver.

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, you need an experienced Florida attorney to help you.  Because these types of accidents can become complicated quickly, it’s important to have an experienced attorney by your side. Florida Uber accident victims deserve access to compensation, and a skilled Florida car accident lawyer can work to make that happen.

How to Seek Compensation for Injuries in an Uber in Florida

If you were injured in an Uber in Florida, you should certainly seek compensation. Many injuries can be severe and life-altering. Several situations warrant litigation or settlement through insurance. Although suing Uber isn’t typically possible, Uber’s insurance is often able to cover the cost of your injuries.

Currently, Florida remains a no-fault state. Although there has been recent legislation to amend Florida’s no-fault insurance laws, it has not yet been put into law. That means that Florida Uber accident victims cannot always sue an Uber driver for compensation. In cases of extreme injury, however, they can.

There are two scenarios in which Uber’s insurance can help compensate Uber accident victims in need of financial help.

You Are Not a Passenger in an Uber Accident

When the Uber app is open and a driver is working but doesn’t have a passenger, Uber’s insurance and the Uber driver’s insurance can cover the cost of your injuries. Suppose you are a Florida pedestrian and are hit by an Uber driver who was logged on but didn’t have a rider in the car. In that case, Uber’s additional insurance coverage would apply if the driver’s personal rideshare insurance did not completely cover the cost of your injuries.

You are a Passenger in an Uber Accident

The second scenario is if an Uber driver has a passenger in their car at the time of an accident. In that case, Uber’s $1 million in liability coverage will apply to victims. The same amount applies to situations where an Uber driver injures a pedestrian while picking up a rider in Florida.

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