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What Should You Do in an Oilfield Accident Case?

— March 30, 2021

Look, nobody wants to be caught in an oilfield accident. Unfortunately, accidents take place, and these happen in just a fraction of a few seconds. Unexpected injuries can be overwhelming for victims who do not know what they ought to do after an oilfield accident. However, it is this action that can help you financially to treat your injuries. It would be prudent to hire an attorney who can help you legally and seek compensation for your damages and injuries. This small article will explain more about this pressing issue.

What should you do after the accident?

Well, obviously, you should get emergency medical help as soon as you can. You must also report the accident to your seniors immediately and even write down a report explaining what has happened. You must also document the shreds of evidence as it will help you to file for compensation. This will help you in the long run.

Contact your superiors

You should report the oil field accident immediately to your superiors as it can help you seek compensation. At times, this is also a mandatory requirement to provide detailed reports of such accidents. You should make such reports for your superiors and mention the time of the accident. In case anybody questions the seriousness of your injuries, you can show the report as proof of the connections between your injuries and the oilfield accident. Your rights after an oilfield accident entitle you to receive just compensation for treating your injuries and your loss of financial income. You need to provide a factual assessment of how the accident took place. Try to mention as many details as you can. Writing the report can be really short, but you must do it as quickly as you can. Hiring a lawyer can help you in this regard as he will write the report for you.

Get Medical Care

You also need to seek medical care after the injury. Medical care helps to provide important documentation for your injuries. Your doctor is a critical witness for the case and will offer crucial information about your injuries and diagnosis. Medical care also helps you build up a strong case as you start recovering from your wounds and injuries.

Collecting Evidence

You will need to collect and provide critical evidence. This will help your lawyer to build up your case. Some of the things that you should do, in this regard, are:

  • Take photos of the scene where your injury happened, even if it has been cleaned up.
  • Note down the names of all the witnesses and mention their contact information.
  • Note down everything that you remember of the accident, do not exclude any detail.


An oilfield accident can be traumatizing. But, you are entitled to getting compensation for such accidents. You must write down a report and collect important pieces of evidence for this purpose. Hiring a lawyer can help you in this matter.

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