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What Steps Should a Worker in Schertz Take if They Think They Haven’t Been Paid Properly?

— November 30, 2021

At any point in this process, a worker can choose to get their own lawyer for help with unpaid wages.

Schertz, TXUnpaid wages and wage theft are very common problems for workers in Texas and other states. This costs workers across Texas and the rest of the country millions each year. The law has a number of ways of protecting those who have experienced wage theft, but they must actively notify their employer and pursue other remedies if they have not been paid their total amount due. 

Reviewing records

All employers are required to keep some kind of records of their employees’ hours with basic identifying information. This is a legal requirement and it is also helpful if the worker has some kind of way to document and track their time.  

Notifying the employer

If there are legitimate discrepancies, the worker can notify their payroll or human resources department. In many cases, the individual responsible for these pay issues should be able to correct the error and ensure that the worker is paid correctly. It is possible that payroll software can make errors or a person who manually entered the time made a mistake. 

Telling a government agency

Workers in Texas can follow steps to submit an unpaid wage claim to the Texas Workforce Commission. This state agency handles various employment issues such as pay problems and discrimination. There is also a law called the Texas Payday Law that outlines all of the relevant rules and procedures for pay issues under state law.

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The agency requires that the claim be submitted within 180 days of when the pay was due, so it is important for workers to act quickly and not wait too long to seek help for unpaid wages. The claim will also have to give details about whether the violation was for unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, or other relevant details. 

Lawsuits from a labor attorney

At any point in this process, a worker can choose to get their own lawyer for help with unpaid wages. An attorney who focuses on this area of the law will know how to follow all of the relevant steps to make sure all outstanding wages have been paid out. The attorney can advise the client regarding the best course of action based on the worker’s specific problems to increase their chances of success. The law also requires that if there is a legitimate unpaid wage claim, the employer has to pay the full outstanding amount with no exceptions.

Help from an employment lawyer in Texas

Moore and Associates handles unpaid wages, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other labor law cases in Schertz. People who need help with their workplace issues can contact the firm to learn more. 

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