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What to Expect During a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Boise

— August 10, 2022

During the early stages of a lawsuit, each side is able to file various motions to have a judge make a ruling in their favor.

Boise, IDPersonal injury cases have a few different stages that may take place over the course of several months before the plaintiff receives compensation. An experienced attorney who practices in this area of the law can provide more detailed information about these phases of a lawsuit during an initial meeting. 

Gathering information and evidence

The victim will have to work with their attorney to ensure that all of the relevant information is available. This normally includes various items such as accident reports, medical records, contact information and statements from witnesses, and pictures. The defendant in the lawsuit will have to provide any of this kind of information that they have available as well through the discovery process. 

Pre-trial motions

During the early stages of a lawsuit, each side is able to file various motions to have a judge make a ruling in their favor. These can include things like motions to dismiss a weak case, summary judgment if there are no disputes between the parties, or motions to compel additional information during discovery. The victim should stay in touch with their attorney to see if any of these kinds of motions will be filed and how they may affect the outcome of the case. 

Calculating damages

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The lawyer for the plaintiff will need to decide how much compensation their client needs. This can be a summary of things like medical bills and lost wages. It may also be necessary to project these costs into the future for long term or permanent injuries. The attorney can also add other amounts based on quality of life losses, which are commonly called pain and suffering. These numbers tend to increase with accidents and injuries that were more severe.

Settlements or a trial

A full trial with testimony from witnesses and the presentation of evidence in front of a judge and a jury may be necessary in some injury lawsuits. However, it is much more common for the case to settle after the parties have exchanged enough information to determine fault for the injuries. Settlement negotiations should be conducted carefully, as the amount accepted by the victim will finalize the case and there needs to be enough money for all required medical treatment and other losses caused by the defendant. 

Personal injury attorneys in Idaho

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