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What to Know Before You File a Lawsuit for Accidental Spinal Injury 

— November 30, 2020

When suing for a spinal injury, it is important to keep in mind that these kinds of injuries often have life-altering effects.

Regardless of how it is caused, a spinal injury can have a devastating impact on your life as well as your family. Not only are you likely to suffer intense pain and perhaps full or partial loss of use of your limbs, but also the cost of the medical treatment and rehabilitation can be enormous. If you have suffered a spinal injury due to an accident caused by the negligence of some other person, you are within your rights to file a lawsuit for damages and compensation for your injuries and losses, both economic and non-economic.

Common Causes of Spinal Injury and Likely Impacts 

The damage to the spinal cord may result in partial or complete loss of sensation and motor control, according to Severe spinal injuries may leave victims paralyzed in the upper, lower, or all four limbs. They can also lead to a host of associated problems in bodily functions like trouble in breathing, the ability to maintain proper body temperature, bladder control or to have sexual relations. The most common causes of a traumatic injury to the spine is by motor vehicle crashes, falls, acts of violence, contact sports as well as errors in surgery of the back, or the neck, according to Phillips Law Offices representing clients for spinal injury cases. Locate them at 

The Basis of a Lawsuit for Spinal Injury 

Spinal injuries are typically a result of the negligence of some other party or entity. For example, a car being rashly driven can hit you as you are walking or you may slip and fall on a greasy staircase. For you to be able to successfully pursue a lawsuit for damages and compensation, you will need to prove that the defendant had a duty of care and its breach led to the accident that caused the injury. If your spinal injury is the result of a defective or badly-designed product, it is possible to sue not only the person or entity at fault for the accident but also the entities responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling the product

What Compensation and Damages Can You Seek in Spinal Injury Cases?

The objective of a lawsuit is to seek monetary awards intended to compensate you for the losses incurred by you due to the injury. Over and above, the compensation for actual expenses incurred on your treatment, loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses, you can also seek damages that are a monetary award designed to restore you to the same condition as you were before the accident. When suing for a spinal injury, it is important to keep in mind that these kinds of injuries often have life-altering effects. It is the reason why you should include the expenses of ongoing treatment, therapy, and rehab, the cost of buying assistive devices like wheelchairs, and even the cost of making modifications to your home, like stairlifts and access ramps.


Proving negligence that resulted in an accident that caused your spinal injury is not easy, especially since the defendant will try to prove that they were not at fault or that your own carelessness was a contributory factor. A competent lawyer will be able to help you to gather enough evidence as well as expert opinions for a successful outcome.

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