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What Workers in Miami Need to Know About Sexual Harassment

— June 13, 2022

Anyone who witnesses harassment can make a third party complaint to try to help their coworkers who are affected.

Miami, FL – Workers in Miami and other cities around the country are protected from workplace harassment in various ways. This means that they have the right to notify their employer, receive protection, and file a civil lawsuit for compensation if necessary. However, there are a few specifics of sexual harassment law that are important, and they need to be highlighted and outlined so that workers understand how these rights work in practice. Additional information can always be obtained from sexual harassment lawyers in Florida.

Everyone is protected

Some of the most common forms of sexual harassment include male bosses trying to exploit their female subordinates. However, sexual harassment laws protect workers of all genders and people who work in any position in a company can potentially be victims. It is even possible that customers or clients who are not employees of a business can sexually harass employees. Any worker who is having issues with another person that may potentially become harassment should notify their employer to try to resolve the situation.

Employers should provide training

Because employers ultimately end up being liable for the consequences of sexual harassment through civil lawsuits, they should attempt to train their workers and raise awareness about how sexual harassment happens. This can include explaining what sexual harassment is, how it can happen in their specific workplace, and what people should do to report it. The business should also have some kind of written policy in place that describes the company’s stance on sexual harassment and how they will assist victims. 

Workers do not need to be the victim to report harassment

Anyone who witnesses harassment can make a third party complaint to try to help their coworkers who are affected. A complaint from anyone should cause the employer to start their investigation and attempt to rectify the problem before it escalates. 

Compensation for sexual harassment lawsuits is limited

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One of the unique aspects of sexual harassment lawsuits brought under federal discrimination law is that there are damage caps. These limits on the amount of damages that can potentially be paid out increase with the size of the employer, meaning a very large company will possibly have to pay the victim more if they are sued. Workers can receive compensation for things like lost wages, costs of finding a new job, any therapy or counseling if their case is successful, but people bringing sexual harassment lawsuits should not expect multi million dollar verdicts or settlements. 

More information about sexual harassment lawsuits in Miami

There are lawyers available who deal with sexual harassment cases in the Miami area. Anyone who needs assistance can use the listings on to get in touch with a local attorney. 

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