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When Does the NTSB Investigate Truck Accidents in Kansas City?

— March 31, 2022

These kinds of investigations are very comprehensive and they tend to last over a year.

Kansas City, MO – The National Transportation Safety Board is a federal agency that investigates some serious highway accidents, along with aviation and marine accidents. It is possible that they will investigate certain significant trucking accidents, especially those that result in large amounts of injuries, fatalities, and property damage. The agency tends to only get involved in truck crashes if they believe there are serious safety issues implicated by the accident. It is unlikely that the NTSB would get involved in a moderate or minor accident for this reason. 

Anyone who has been involved in a truck crash can speak with Kansas City truck accident lawyers to get advice about how they should respond. 

What does the agency do to investigate a truck crash?

Officer at accident scene; image by Ilja Nedilko, via
Officer at accident scene; image by Ilja Nedilko, via

These kinds of investigations are very comprehensive and they tend to last over a year. Some investigations can even take several years before they are finalized. The NTSB employees will review the accident scene, wreckage, scan the area with 3D technology and note the positioning of the vehicles. If there is any debris or vehicle parts that were damaged or destroyed, these can be relevant as well. They will interview people involved, witnesses who were nearby at the time, and they can create reconstructions if necessary. If things such as the weather or road conditions were relevant, these will be analyzed as well. At the conclusion of the investigation, their findings are published and they have serious implications in terms of the liability of a trucking company or anyone else who may have contributed to the crash. The final report will also make recommendations to enhance public safety in the future, as well as attempt to demonstrate the specific cause or causes of the collision. 

Truck accident lawsuits

Missouri truck accident lawyers focus on assisting residents of the state who have been involved in these kinds of incidents. A lawsuit may potentially be filed whether the NTSB was involved in an investigation or not. The only requirement to bring a civil lawsuit is that the person bringing the case has suffered from some kind of tangible injury. Their injuries and losses can be summarized in the complaint that begins the lawsuit, and the victim can argue for as much compensation as necessary to recover from their injuries. The defendant truck driver or their employer will have to pay out these losses through a settlement or after a jury verdict if the case is successful. 

Assistance after a truck collision

There are attorneys near me who can assist with the process to sue a trucking company. is a site that lists legal professionals in Kansas City and every other part of the country. 

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