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Why AI is Needed for the Success of SEO

— October 28, 2021

In various ways, AI-based SEO marketing helps in improving digital marketing strategies.

In this era of online marketing, artificial intelligence has played a big role. Algorithms of search engine optimization have changed drastically in the past few years due to which old SEO strategies are not working on Google. It means now it is necessary to understand the role of AI when optimizing for search to rank pages.

First, let’s understand the meaning of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI is all about computer science used to make machines smart enough to perform multiple tasks. No rocket science is needed to understand the AI concept as it revolves around our daily life. Alexa is the appropriate example of how AI works and what it is. It is all about the stimulation of human intelligence in machines. The main specifications of AI are natural language processing, expert systems, speech recognition, and face recognition. Other various components are also there that make a machine smart to do multiple tasks.

AI does not require any human assistance or support to make decisions because it is built in a way that it can take its own decisions. AI helps machines recognizing human activities and perform complex tasks with accuracy. Therefore, AI is playing a key role in digital marketing.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO Marketing

Since few years old SEO strategies are considering unethical practices on the internet because Search engines make regular changes in their algorithms. AI is an integral part of SEOs because it is responsible for how search engines rank web pages, that’s why AI matters the most in making SEO strategies.

If you are well aware of how AI works in SEO, then you can easily target your right audience through digital platforms. Now search engines are getting better at identifying the right keywords, quality content, keyword stuffing, and irrelevant content that marketing people practice ranking their pages. At this time no old SEO techniques and strategies will work. You have to follow the particular SEO strategy based on AI otherwise, it will get difficult to target the right audience.

Before making any digital marketing strategy, first, you need to understand the AI concept of Google and how does it work in SEO. Ranking the website in this stage when SEOs are getting smart enough to detect the quality content, and stuffed content, you have to be more clever and cautious while using AI Tools. To check the quality of your content, you can use AI SEO tools like WordLift, Yoast, Squirrly, Surfer SEO, etc.

AI for Intuitive Content

Topic discovery, keyword research, and content optimization are few factors that have to be taken care of while creating insightful content. Whenever you search for any particular topic, Google automatically shows the websites, that contain the relevant content related to your query. Also, the search engines on Google provides a list of other websites that you can visit for more knowledge. The content will be all based on your related search, which helps people to explore more.

With proper AI Tools, you can easily understand consumer behavior that will help you in creating the most compelling and informative content. AI helps you in finding the right platform to target your right audience.

It’s time to focus on AI and work according to the AI-based RankBrain artificial algorithm, which Google uses to identify the relevant answers, possessing queries, finding stuffed keywords, and showing the matching results.

AI Improves Your Digital Marketing

In various ways, AI-based SEO marketing helps in improving digital marketing strategies. Depending on search ranking to enhance marketing means follow AI algorithms. Break the boundaries and think beyond the limit. Start learning about the importance of Artificial intelligence on digital platforms. AI-based Search engines derives heavy traffic and attention from users, that your website automatically tops in ranking.

Man holding a tablet with “Online Marketing” on the screen; image by muneebfarman, via
Man holding a tablet with “Online Marketing” on the screen; image by muneebfarman, via

Online marketing strategies has completely changed and transformed by AI, and now you can easily –

  • Attract a large customer base to your website by improving the ranking on different Search engines.
  • Analyze the customer behavior and taste of your website visitors, which helps in providing services more effectively.
  • Enhance the customer experience through chatbots, notifications, email marketing, etc.

Hence it is proved that AI makes digital marketing better in all aspects and helps in reaching the targeted audience in less time.

AI Helps in Making the Best Content Strategies and Powerful Analytics

When it comes to social media marketing, mobile optimization, and customer experience, SEO plays a major role. IT gets necessary to have deep knowledge about AI’s role in SEO marketing while making content strategies. Creating new content according to the latest search results in reaching the mass audience, but AI on Google also helps in ranking existing content against the raised queries.

At this time anyone can easily search about anything by just saying its name or by raising the query because Google accepts voice commands and shows the results in the form of relevant content, videos, and images. Slowly the accessibility of things is getting easy around the world, which is increasing competition as well. This is the reason nowadays businesses are making powerful content marketing strategies, which are easily accessible through voice search and visual content.

If we discuss real-time analytics and reports, I must say AI shows the most accurate results that help in evaluating marketing methodologies. You can use this data to-

  • Determine traffic on your website
  • Collecting user information regarding their taste and preference
  • Respond to customer queries and requests.
  • Track the performance and progress of your website on daily basis.
  • Analyze the search demands and expectations of users.


  • AI has a significant role in SEO marketing, and its importance will explicitly increase in the future.
  • With the help of AI, you can target a mass audience in less time.
  • AI-based SEO marketing enhances user experience and increases your company revenues at a minimum price.

The above-mentioned are few benefits of focusing on AI to achieve SEO success. Apart from this AI suggests the right keyword and helps you in approaching the potential customers through various means of communication channels like emails, messages, newsletters, and social media.

Google constantly changes its search algorithms with the change in the searching pattern of users, so you have to keep a regular eye on the changes that happen after a certain period.

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