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Why are Semi-Trucks More Likely to Cause Rear-Enders in Mississippi?

— November 24, 2021

After reaching a speed of 65 miles per hour, it takes more than 500 feet for these vehicles to come to a complete stop.

Although semi-trucks can cause a wide range of accidents in Mississippi, one of the most common types of crashes caused by these heavy, commercial vehicles is a rear-ender. If you have been rear-ended by a semi-truck, you already know how serious these incidents can be. You may be dealing with significant injuries, and you might be concerned that some of these injuries will prove to be permanent. 

If you’re suffering from serious injuries after a semi-truck accident in Mississippi, you should get in touch with a qualified, experienced truck accident attorney. These legal professionals can help you get a fair, adequate settlement that’ll cover your medical expenses, your missed wages, and any non-economic damages you might have incurred. 

Semi-Trucks Have Much Longer Braking Distances

The main reason semi-truck accidents are more prone to causing rear-enders is their braking distances. Simply put, it takes much longer for a semi-truck to stop compared to a normal vehicle. Some of the newest vehicles on the market today can come to a complete stop in under 70 feet after traveling at 60 miles per hour. The newest Ferrari F2004 can come to a complete stop in just 53 feet after traveling at 60 miles per hour.

Now contrast that to the average braking distance of semi-trucks. After reaching a speed of 65 miles per hour, it takes more than 500 feet for these vehicles to come to a complete stop. So what does this mean for road safety? Basically, when a semi-truck sees an obstacle up ahead, it’s usually already too late to avoid crashing. Sure, they can slam on the brakes. But it often accomplishes virtually nothing. And this is when people suffer rear-enders from semi-trucks that cannot possibly slow down in time, leaving motorists with severe neck injuries. In some cases, these accidents can rob innocent motorists of their lives.

Pain Management Standardization is Needed, Some Experts Say
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Other Factors

There are also other factors that may make semi-trucks likely culprits for rear-enders. Truckers are often distracted or intoxicated behind the wheel, since they are tasked with driving for more than 10 hours at a time in many cases. Others may be very tired after a long haul. These factors can raise the chances of driver error significantly, and this can lead to rear-enders. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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