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Why Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

— October 7, 2021

Experienced real estate attorneys can help you protect your interest, leading to a smooth and satisfying closing for everyone involved. 

Buying a home isn’t a simple process, and there are many details that can easily be overlooked without the help of a skilled and experienced real estate professional. You will most likely be dealing with many costs related to closing on your home, and the expense of a real estate lawyer can actually help you save more money in the long run. It’s important to understand why real estate lawyers can help you, and what exactly it is that they do to provide a seamless closing process.    

What is a Real Estate Lawyer? 

A real estate attorney is a licensed professional who is able to practice real estate law. So, they have the proper knowledge and experience to advise both parties in a real estate transaction, such as buying or selling a home. 

Basically, a real estate lawyer is going to make the entire process run smoothly and help both parties with the legalities that they might not be aware of. For example, setting up a contract to be agreed upon is something that might be difficult to execute without the help of an attorney. 

When Should I Get a Real Estate Attorney?

Certain states actually require you to have a real estate attorney, but if yours doesn’t, there are a few different points where an attorney could step in to help. An attorney could step in to help draft and finalize a contract, completing a title search, or conducting the closing. Why would an attorney be beneficial to you? Here are a few reasons:

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Security Blanket:  Your attorney would have read all of the legal documents, help you understand what they mean, and made it clear to you the proper steps to take. You will be able to turn to your lawyer if you are having trouble understanding certain languages or legalities, which adds a level of security to the whole process. 

Saving Money: While it can be costly to hire an attorney, the expense will end up saving you money in the long run. The upfront costs of hiring an attorney are nothing compared to the potential financial impact of messing things up down the road. A real estate attorney will thoroughly review all legal documents and maybe even bring certain questions to light that you might not have thought to ask. 

The Closing Process: When it comes to closing on a home, there are a ton of things to consider, such as the mortgage, title insurance, and final inspection. Your attorney will help make this process quicker and easier to understand. 

Landlord/Tenant Issues

This goes hand in hand with the topic of real estate law. It is very important that both landlords and tenants know their rights as well, which is why a lawyer should be present in issues pertaining to landlords and tenants. Problems could arise between the two parties, such as repeated bad behavior leading to eviction, and this should be handled with the help of a licensed attorney.

The Bottom Line

Basically, there are a ton of reasons why hiring a real estate attorney can be beneficial when buying or selling a home. Many important details can be lost in the hectic process of closing on a home, and therefore it is crucial that you hire someone to handle the legal terms that will assist you in the procedure correctly. Experienced real estate attorneys can help you protect your interest, leading to a smooth and satisfying closing for everyone involved. 

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