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Shumaker Announces National Leaders to Reach Growing Demand for Legal Services

— October 7, 2021

Labor law is continuing to grow, especially with the pandemic creating 9.3 million job vacancies and demand for better pay, working conditions and employee protections.

Shumaker has selected five of its partners to serve as national leaders for its newly established lines of service. The new lines of service focus on the most emerging and in-demand fields of law due to advances in technology and policy. These include health law; environmental and energy; intellectual property and technology; labor, employment and pensions; and wealth strategies.

“As our client’s businesses evolve, Shumaker continues to refine its service lines to best meet the needs of those we serve,” said Shumaker Chairman Tom Dillon. “That means we continually strive to anticipate and identify trends to make a positive difference for our clients by helping them successfully navigate through emerging sectors.”

“Our national leaders have decades of experience in helping clients solve complex problems to create a better, more just society. They have earned the trust and respect of their colleagues and community. As the demand for legal services continues to rise, we are confident in their ability to make an impact for the greater good,” Shumaker Vice Chair Jennifer Compton said.

Shumaker partner Laura J. Evans will serve as the national leader for the firm’s health law practice. Laura has an extensive background in litigating some of the most complex health care cases on behalf of hospital systems and physician practices. The area of health law has seen a surge in demand due to the pandemic, and is projected to keep growing.

Another focus is environmental and energy law, which is skyrocketing in demand due to the need to take urgent action against climate change. Shumaker partner Michael J. O’Callaghan will serve as the firm’s national service line leader for this sector, due to his proven success in helping clients navigate all aspects of environmental law, including compliance and defense of enforcement proceedings.

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Shumaker partner J. Douglas Miller will serve as the national service line leader for Intellectual Property & Technology law. As cybersecurity and privacy concerns continue to increase, there is a growing need for attorneys like Doug who are adept in technology law and protecting intellectual assets.

Labor law is continuing to grow, especially with the pandemic creating 9.3 million job vacancies and demand for better pay, working conditions and employee protections. Shumaker partner Mechelle Zarou will serve as the firm’s national service line leader for Labor, Employment & Pensions because of her extensive experience representing companies in all areas of labor and employment law.

Shumaker partner David J. Rectenwald will serve as the Wealth Strategies National Service Line Leader. With anticipated new tax laws on the wealthy and the trend of more baby boomers retiring at an earlier age, David has years of experience in sophisticated estate planning and wealth preservation to meet this growing demand.

About Shumaker: Founded in 1925, the Shumaker team of more than 270 lawyers and advisors is a premier provider of legal and legislative solutions, focused on being a positive and impactful difference maker for our clients and in the communities we serve.

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