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Why New Mexico is a Good Place to be a Criminal Defense Attorney

— May 6, 2021

Becoming a criminal defense attorney can be very rewarding in every state, but in New Mexico, you are given more opportunities.

Becoming a criminal defense attorney is very convenient, regardless of the state or city that you are working in. That is because people in need will always be looking for experienced and top-notch lawyers. 

With that in mind, there are certain perks of joining a New Mexico criminal law firm and we will discover them below. So, keep on reading.

There’s a High Crime Rate

New Mexico has a violent crime rate of 8.57 offenses per 1,000 residents, and the overall crime rate (small and property crime included) is 41.5 per 1,000 residents. The chance of someone becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 out of 120, whereas, for property crime, there is 1 out of 32 chance for you to become a victim.

Man holding a handgun. Image via (CCA-BY-0.0)

While this spells bad news for the residents and the tourists, it’s also good news for you as a criminal defense attorney. This means you will have a massive pool of clients to choose from, as compared to other states where crime is relatively low. 

You Can Help a Lot of People

A high crime rate means that there are a lot of people there who will require your help to build their defense. Most probably, the reason you became a defense attorney was that you wanted to be of help to others. Well, in New Mexico, you will have plenty of people who will be in great need of your help. At the end of the day, you will have the satisfaction that your efforts at least came to the benefit of some people. 

The Pay is Quite High

Criminal defense attorneys make quite a fair amount of money every year. With that in mind, since the crime rate in New Mexico is high, the demand for lawyers increases even more – which means that a criminal defense attorney will get even better pay for their services. 

The average criminal defense attorney in Santa Fe, New Mexico gets paid $77,924, with an hourly rate of $37/hr. This not only gives you enough money for your needs and wants but also ensures that you have enough leftover funds for your savings.

You Will Have a Flexible Schedule

New Mexico, like any other state, is packed with a variety of companies with long hours and fixed schedules. However, as a defense attorney, you will be able to make your own schedule. The more experienced you become, the more you can be picky with the cases that you take. This will give you a lot of flexibility so that you won’t feel like your job is taking over your whole life.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a criminal defense attorney can be very rewarding in every state, but in New Mexico, you are given more opportunities. Sure, the elevated crime rate is not that great for people living there, but you will get a lot of chances to learn and help others. 

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