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Why Should Drivers Go to the Hospital After a Simple Minor Car Accident in Chicago, IL?

— November 24, 2021

No matter how serious or minor an accident is, the driver deserves compensation to help them cover their sudden damages.

Once a car accident in Chicago occurs, drivers need to try and keep their cool because the next steps they take matter a lot and can significantly change the way their case turns out when they move forward with requesting compensation for the harm they suffered. One of the first moves that drivers should make is going to the hospital. This step is obvious in large collisions that cause catastrophic injuries and lead to fatalities, but drivers of smaller accidents often skip this step entirely. 

When drivers get into a small accident, they often are grateful that things are not as bad as they could have been, and they go home ignoring their aches and pains and considering them as something minor. This is a major mistake, and drivers should never do this. All drivers should make sure they visit a doctor right away when they get into a collision, even if they don’t feel injured. A doctor will carry out a comprehensive medical exam to gauge if there are any underlying injuries that would have started showing symptoms later on. 

There are several injuries that may not be noticeable after the accident and would only start causing pain and discomfort later on. If a person delayed going to the doctors, they would find it very hard to prove that their pain and suffering was caused by the collision and not some other sort of accident that occurred later on. The doctors’ notes will be essential to help prove the need for compensation when a legal claim is filed. If the victim of a collision forgot to get checked up by a doctor, they should reach out to a car accident lawyer and get proper advice regarding their case. Their attorney will inform them of other forms of evidence they can use in place of the late doctors’ notes, and they can further help a person communicate with the opposing party in a clear and concise way so one’s voice is heard and not overlooked.

X-ray of person with broken collarbone; image by Harlie Raethel, via
Image by Harlie Raethel, via

How severe does the accident have to be to file a claim in Chicago?

A person will often have a case so long as their insurance coverage covers the damage they faced. For instance, if they got into an accident because an animal came out of nowhere and blocked the way, the minor damages will be covered if a person had opted for this coverage in their original insurance plan. If the damage was caused because of poor road conditions, then the Illinois Department of Transportation may have to be contacted and questioned.

No matter how serious or minor an accident is, the driver deserves compensation to help them cover their sudden damages. Connect with a car accident lawyer today at the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd to get legal advice and support.

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