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Why Should You Consider Hiring a Child Custody Attorney?

— March 8, 2022

Studies by the American Bar Association emphasize that most child custody cases get resolved without going to trial.

Divorce is a worrying journey for any couple, let alone for the children whose lives are emotionally and often financially impacted by the proceedings. Choosing which parent gets to keep the kids most of the time can be objectively tricky due to one simple fact: divorced parents do not agree on anything. The most significant decision comes to where each parent should live after a divorce. However, figuring out custody isn’t always an easy task, even though it’s entirely essential. That is why hiring a family lawyer can be crucial. 

Since taking care of your children has to be the priority, having someone who understands both sides of family law and child custody issues can be helpful. The single decision can ensure that everything goes smoothly in getting everyone what they need without inconvenience or conflict in the process. So do you need assistance in this area? You can get in touch with a reliable child custody law agency like Laura Franco Law. It can be beneficial for several reasons.


Studies by the American Bar Association emphasize that most child custody cases get resolved without going to trial. In most cases, parents can decide if they should hire an experienced lawyer. An experienced child custody lawyer takes the time to accurately determine your legal rights and prove your position during negotiations with another party involved in the case.

Child support

An experienced divorce lawyer goes beyond divorce and prenuptial agreements. One or both parties may require to pay child support. How well your attorney can negotiate child support might be the factor that determines how much you will have to pay. A reasonable family law attorney will go above and beyond by getting alimony from your spouse. What’s more, a seasoned attorney will look out for your interests in the best way possible and make sure that you don’t spend more than what you should on alimony or maintenance for children, if applicable.

Courtroom representation

If you end up in a courtroom, the lack of legal experience and training will prevent you from being confident about your case. You can avoid this situation if you have a child custody lawyer to plead your case. Lawyers possess the depth of knowledge required to stand up to courtroom complexities. They know how to sail through complex processes and show enough evidence to persuade the judge in your favor.

No divorce experiences can ever lead to normal feelings. If there has been abuse or violence, it becomes a different proposition. Still, couples with children may have the most challenging time in any scenario because someone else would also suffer without their fault or involvement. It can be an emotionally taxing journey. If you are a parent, you can seek the support of an experienced child custody lawyer to make fair decisions. So, don’t make any mistakes and hire the right person. After all, you and your child have a life. Both deserve peace. You can inquire about their experience and previous client cases for insights at the time of hiring. Also, don’t forget to ask about their fees.

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