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Why Would a Homeowners Insurance Claim Be Denied in Iowa?

— February 17, 2022

Timing is also important for insurance claims. The homeowner cannot wait too long to submit their initial claim, otherwise it will be denied.

Homeowners pay into a policy to protect their property from various kinds of damage. There is an expectation that the insurance company will help pay for any necessary repairs, but this is not always the case. Insurance claim denials are a common and serious problem for homeowners, and sometimes the provider may even act in bad faith. This means that the claim was denied illegally. An insurance lawyer is helpful at this time if it seems that the provider has breached the terms of the policy agreement. 

Appealing a denied claim

Insurance companies in Iowa usually provide an appeal process for customers. This can be done after an initial denial or dispute in the amount that will be paid out. However, the main problem is that the same company is in charge of the appeal as the initial claim, and it is likely that they will reach the same result in most cases. A more effective solution for many homeowners is to get outside help from an attorney after a claim denial. 

The specific type of damage is not covered

A tree-lined suburban American street with two-story family homes, only it's under several feet of water.
Flooded street in Cedar Rapids, IA near 13th Ave. and J Street. Photo by Don Becker, USGS, via Flickr. Public domain.

One legitimate reason why a claim can be denied is if the specific type of damage that the homeowner experiences is not covered under the terms of the policy. For example, standard homeowners insurance will never cover flood damage, and a separate flood policy is required if the policyholder wants flood coverage. Anyone who has been told that their claim was denied because of the specific type of damage should request a copy of the policy and have an attorney review its contents to make sure the provider is being honest. 

Time limit issues

Timing is also important for insurance claims. The homeowner cannot wait too long to submit their initial claim, otherwise it will be denied. It is also possible that the insurance provider did not process the claim in time, and it essentially expired before being reviewed. To avoid these kinds of problems, homeowners in Iowa should try to file their claim as soon as possible, then stay in touch with the insurance company to see if there are any issues creating delays. 

Bad faith claim denials

The worst thing that can happen to homeowners is when an insurance company denies a claim in bad faith. This means that the claim money should be paid out to the homeowner, but the insurance company has made some kind of dishonest excuse to avoid paying out claims and saving money. This is illegal and the insurance company can be sued and face other consequences.

More information about insurance claim denials is a directory that lists lawyers who help with insurance claims and other issues. Anyone who has recently had homeowners insurance issues in Des Moines can use the listings to find a local attorney who matches their needs. 

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