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Why You Should Move to Spain and How to Get a Spanish Visa

— December 7, 2021

If you are looking for a new place to migrate to and start over, Spain might be a good place to consider

We have handled a lot of different clients across the globe that have moved to Spain. Up until now, nobody regretted moving from the UK to Spain in 2022. A lot of people are happy to move to Spain next year.

Spain is a great place for someone to emigrate to. What exactly attracts so many people to Spain?

Reasons Why Spain is a Good Place for Starting a New Life

Spain is an Open-Minded Country

Spain is an open-minded country. Marriage between members of the same sex are also legal since the year 2005. A lot of Spanish citizens are open-minded as well.

The integration into a different country’s culture will not be a problem as an ex-pat. The whole process should work smoothly, and you will not have to alter any cultural habits.

The Country has a Large Diverse Culture

We are talking about a whole nation that has been created with different cultures and groups. However, there are also strange things and differences. However, it is not difficult to mix around in Spain. 

There are Strong Expat Communities

Image by Siarhei Plashchynski, via
Image by Siarhei Plashchynski, via

In Spain, there are strong Expat communities. It is easy to start a new life in Spain. There are nice cafeterias as well and in the middle of the city. Most of the clients are not even locals. Thus, there are a lot of similar-minded people who are in a similar situation to yours. People left their home country to create a whole new world in Spain.

The Country has a Large Number of Bars

There are a lot of people that like Spain because they always go to bars. Most of the locals and other immigrants drink beer in the bars nearby. Many people go to coffee all the time, and there is a stunning atmosphere everywhere., It is a really good place to have dinner.

Spain has a Lot of World Heritage Sites

Besides all the food and decent weather, if you enjoy finding new places to visit, then you should go to Spain for a holiday. There are a lot of things to discover in Spain.

How Do You Get a Spanish Visa?

You might be asking yourself how to get my Spain Visa?

To apply for a Spanish visa, you might have to follow some rules below.

  1. Get the right application form.
  2. Obtain the right documents.
  3. Make an appointment to obtain a Visa.
  4. Go for the interview and send in your data.
  5. Pay the application fee.

Where to Apply for the Golden Visa to Spain?

You have put into the right amount of money to migrate to Spain. You might want to commit to making the right amount of investment, although you might not want to finalize everything all at the same time. You might want to apply three months in advance before you go to Spain.

You should apply for a Gold Visa from Spain from your own country by creating an application for Spain if you decide to stay for a long-term.

Who is Eligible for the Spain Gold Visa?

You should be able to qualify for the Gold Visa if you meet all the different conditions:

  • You have reached the adult age of 18.
  • There is proper health insurance in Spain.
  • You are also financially stable enough to protect yourself and your other family members.
  • You do not have criminal history from places you lived in.
  • There are no rejected Spanish Visas.

If you qualify, there are a lot of lawyers and other Golden Visa experts who will help guide you through the entire process and get a Golden visa for Spain.

Businesses that offer Golden Visa programs have a lot of professionals on hand, and they also give a lot of consultations and help on different real estate investments. Our team of experts also tells you if you are fit for a good Spanish Gold Visa.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a new place to migrate to and start over, Spain might be a good place to consider. However, if you have problems getting your Gold Visa to go to Spain, you should consider reading our guide above. Is everything done? Time to migrate to Spain! 

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