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Why You Should Stay Informed About Current Events

— September 16, 2021

Many people avoid the news because they feel it is depressing and always full of doom and gloom.

If you avoid current events and news like they’re the plague, you’re not alone. Many people steer clear of newspapers, the nightly news, internet sites and other sources of news for many reasons. Some feel it doesn’t apply to them because they are young, some feel it doesn’t apply to them because they are growing older and have seen it all and still others feel like they can’t make the effort to stay informed because they are in the thick of life and a busy schedule won’t allow it. There are plenty of excuses NOT to keep up with what is happening in your world and your local community, but the reasons to pay attention to current events, no matter your age, are much greater. Here are three reasons you should follow the news, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Following the News is Easier Than Ever

In centuries past, if you wanted to stay up on what was happening in the world, you had to rely on word of mouth. It might take weeks or even months to learn of an event that happened in another community or state. In decades past, news was divvied out to consumers through a daily newspaper, which had to be paid for, or through the evening news. Up-to-the-minute information was much harder to come by. One of the benefits of living in the twenty-first century is you no longer have to wait for your news and you can access it in dozens of forms.

Are you a college student with a thriving Instagram account? Find a few trusted news accounts and keep up on the news while you scroll between classes. Are you a career person with a commute to tackle every morning? Turn on a talk radio station, like fox news radio, and take advantage of the time you have in the car to learn something new. Are you retired with more time on your hands than ever? Take advantage of the relatively new offering of twenty-four-hour television news stations. Today’s environment is full of news options for every age and lifestyle.

Reading the News Can Inspire You

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Many people avoid the news because they feel it is depressing and always full of doom and gloom. While it is true that some stories are tragic and can be hard to watch, there are plenty of stories that will leave you inspired and restore your faith in humanity. Lift your spirits by reading or watching stories about the best that human kindness has to offer one another. Find energy in stories of ingenuity and creativity. Even if a story is about a difficult event, it’s a great exercise to try to find the beautiful silver lining woven into it. If the event is something you can help with yourself, jump into the mix, lend a helping hand, get your hands dirty and become a source of inspiration for others as well.

Keeping Up on Current Events Improves Conversation Skills

No matter your age, chances are you have found yourself in situations where you needed something to contribute to a conversation. Study groups, dinner parties and waiting rooms are all prime opportunities to engage with others, and having something to say about current events from an informed perspective is a fantastic tool to have in your tool belt. Avoid awkward silences or trite small talk by introducing current events by asking “Did you hear about…?” or “What do you think about…?”. The bonus is when someone asks you the same kind of question, you’ll have valuable insight to add to the conversation.

Staying informed about your community, nation and world has never been easier, and the benefits are countless. Whether you are young, somewhere in the middle or seasoned, making a point to learn about what is going on around you is always a good idea. Make the effort to stay informed and you’ll never regret it.   

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