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Why Your Tech Company Needs a Technology Lawyer

— January 9, 2020

A technology lawyer will help you keep your product or service in conformance to continually changing laws.

A technology lawyer plays a pivotal role in the development and promotion of ground-breaking technology products. 

We are living in a tech-driven modern world where technology forms the lifeline for multiple industries. However, when it comes to legal principles, even the best of technology-driven enterprises needs a tech lawyer. A tech lawyer is a highly-skilled individual specialized in handling the sophisticated space of technology.

As an owner of a tech company, you should know that an enterprise requires more than just corporate legal regulations. Consider the case of Uber Technologies, a popular ride-sharing app. Its drivers have accused the company of violating employment laws. Such problems often stem from regulation based on outdated business models.

To keep a company free from such legal complications, it is essential to hire in-house technology lawyers. Especially if you own a startup, they protect your firm from personal liability for debts and obligations. 

For this and other crucial reasons, you most likely will have to find and connect with lawyer(s) for your business, be it big or small.

Protects your Business Interest

Most business owners lack the experience as well as the knowledge required to manage legal aspects of establishing a technology firm. Consulting a qualified tech lawyer to take care of business matters are exceedingly beneficial in such cases. 

Notably, certain situations make it crucial for business owners to involve lawyers. It may include being sued for discrimination by employees, negotiating the sale of a business, or legal violations.

Lawyers improve your ability to understand diverse legal issues. They protect your business interests, help you in preparing digital documents, and getting legal protection as well. 

Helps You Plan for Uncertainty

Navigating legal and regulatory uncertainty around the latest innovation is particularly challenging for tech industries. However, a business lawyer employed by your firm would anticipate such change even before you launch your service or product. 

Usually, lawyers implement systematic processes for collecting, analyzing, and distributing information relating to possible regulatory, legal, and technological developments to recognize the emerging issues and support your organization’s decision-making process.

Expecting technological uncertainty and defending your best interests makes lawyers a priceless asset to your core team.

Helps You Accelerate the Judicial Process

Closeup shot of gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via
Closeup shot of gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via

The slow-grinding wheels of the present judicial system may seem static for tech companies who are moving at an astronomical speed to reinvent society as a whole.

If you have just established a startup of your own, you might have experienced your fair share of it, such as your requests taking longer to clear and when it’s done, the approval on paperwork taking forever.  

For technology-driven industries, such delays could set goals back by months or sometimes years. A tech lawyer can save you from such scenarios. Tech lawyers, with their network, are knowledgeable enough to determine when and whom to approach, making your legal work effortless and saving you time. 

Keeps You in Conformance to the Changing Law

As said multiple times, technology is continually changing. Businesses encounter upgrades, new updates, and laws almost every day. 

A tech lawyer will help you keep your product or service in conformance to continually changing laws, and also proactively aid you in making the best of the most recent legislation to keep your firm rolling in spite of the technological modifications or legal changes. 

Navigate the Tests Presented by Constant Changes

As our lives are becoming increasingly digitized, privacy issues are becoming more pertinent to humans. Consider an example of Google. The company transformed itself into Alphabet, Inc., branching out into the biosciences, Internet of Things industries, and automobiles, among others.

Google’s expansion into the IoT, particularly its acquisition of Nest Labs, has spawned privacy-related concerns among users, worrying that the company is monitoring their actions closely and storing their data.

In such cases, tech companies need a business lawyer who is conversant in these problems. These legal experts play a significant role in helping companies navigate the challenges presented by this change.

The lawyers, who are forward-looking and willing to describe new rules, are capable of adjusting with changes to business models and thereby skilled at understanding the type of disruption. 

Get Your Business off the Ground with the Aid of an Experienced Lawyer

Now it’s clear that the advice of technology lawyers, who are both practical and business-minded, is essential for today’s businesses. However, make sure to involve them earlier in the development process. Otherwise, you may have to lose some money if your finished product needs some amendments to meet certain legal obligations. 

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