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Army Surplus – Why It Still Sells

— January 9, 2020

The uniqueness and the unexpected low costs of these military wares remain the reason why Army surplus still sells.

Army surplus simply refers to military equipment purchased in excess by the military that was never used. This general equipment is sold at retail prices at military surplus stores.

Brief History 

Army surplus sales originated from the end of the American Civil War. Large leftovers of Army wares were left on shelves and in warehouses. This was due to the mass production of these gadgets at the time. To recover most of the costs incurred in the production of these tools, the government decided to auction them to civilians at highly reduced prices.

Today, you can find several shops that deal in these military gadgets. Their business is mostly to sell military wares to civilians online or offline. 

Why It Still Sells

Army surplus sells for many reasons, ranging from its legalization by government authorities to an increased need by the civilian populace to own these as added accessories to their licensed firearms and other reasons. Buying and selling Army surplus is, therefore, a very legitimate business. Besides, people have a natural preference for high-tech gadgets, especially those that were built specifically for the U.S. Army. There is also that sense of pride and feeling of solidarity that goes with using the same accessories as the military. Price is also a huge factor as the gadgets are sold at a very subsidized rate. Who wouldn’t prefer to make no-brainer purchases of military gadgets whose prices are way higher out there? Countint the growing passion for expeditions, hunting, and camping, this Army surplus equipment will never stop selling! The Internet has also made it possible and easy for the information regarding the availability and procurement of these military wares to go viral. 

Buying and reselling Army surplus is good business. There is a growing trend of entrepreneurs making fortunes buying surplus gadgets from the government and reselling to the public. They simply procure these military gears that are war surpluses and place them in an auction, where buyers can assess as many as they want, ranging from uniforms, canteens, flashlights, boots, radios, to even jeeps.

Soldiers in truck; image by Diego González, via
Soldiers in truck; image by Diego González, via

Here are a few gadgets you can find among army surplus:


Several of these MIL-SPEC cots are certainly worth buying. There are far better than the other cots you may find elsewhere. The MIL-SPEC Cot is a military mosquito net cot designed for the British army. It is highly effective for dealing with the infectious fly on a very good night. No matter the weather conditions at night, be rest assured that you have a well-protective cover for yourself. Your shelter is 100% guaranteed. 


There is no end to reasons why tarps are necessary for people preparing to embark on camping trips or expeditions. This is because tarps help protect from sunlight, rain and even wind. Tarps can be used for some vital constructions, effecting repairs of damaged structures, patching up leakages, and so on. 


Although these sewing kits are low-priced, they, they are essentially needed at home and everywhere you might be going. Life in the jungle is not that easy. There are times when some kind of pressure causes a tear to the garments or other materials. At that point, you may need to come in handy with this special sewing kit. Also, it costs next to nothing procuring it! 


Every soldier goes with a personal effects bag. These bags usually have the name of the soldier tagged on it. Having this bag with you gives you a special feeling that you are a soldier or at least representing one. Psychologically, personalized effects bags boost your morale during your expeditions. They are cotton bags that serve several purposes. They can be used to build smaller kits within. The good news about it is that it costs below $20.


The German M65 masks are lifesavers when in situations of gas attacks or accidents. In the face of any militarized combat, having the German M65 mask gives you all-round protection from nuclear, biological or chemical attacks. This gas mask is an efficient and highly protective gadget. Moreover, it is very popular with the military and buyers of Army surplus equipment. Inspite of its importance, it costs as little as $20!


This special first aid kit is popular with the American Army. They are inserts that are specially made to hold all your medical effects. There is an elastic cord attached that makes it impossible to get misplaced or lost. This elastic chord keeps drawing it back to safety when it is being drawn out. It also has multiple spots that fold your medical supplies, thus keeping them very safe.


6″ Cyalume Chemlight light sticks are good when there is a dire need to lighten a dark area. They have a strong life that could last for up to eight hours without fading out. Having bagged a gold standard in chemical light technology, they serve as a very useful item in first aid or survival kits. They are very useful in emergencies.

M40/M42 Gas Mask Outsert Lenses

If you’re looking for a gas mask that gives you good protection against poisonous gas, look no more! You can get this M40/M42 gas mask from the Army surplus store. They come in brand new packaging of original content.

Military Level 1 Thermal Pants, Gen 3 Multicam

This variety of pants is worth having. They pair so perfectly well with ECWCS level 2 mid-weight. These pants come with water-resistant properties. Talking about GEN III ECWCS, it is originally designed in such a manner that it reduces bulk and space.


The uniqueness and the unexpected low costs of these military wares remain the reason why Army surplus still sells. It won’t cost you so much to get yourself well prepared for the unexpected. 

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