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Willow Tree Poultry Farm Recalls Certain Salads Due to Undeclared Allergens

— September 18, 2020

Willow Tree Poultry Farm announced a recall for about 6,890 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken salad products that may be contaminated with nuts.

Willow Tree Poultry Farm recently issued a recall for an estimated 6,890 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken salad products that may be contaminated with nuts, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The notice further noted that nuts are a known allergen that was not included on the product label. 

Image of the Seal of the USDA
Seal of the USDA; image courtesy of the
U.S. Government via Wikimedia Commons,

The issue itself seems to be due to a “mix-up in products as the product is labeled ‘Classic Chicken Salad.’” However, the salad might actually contain ‘White Meat Cranberry-Walnut Chicken Salad.’ According to the notice, the salad is sold in a “15-oz clear, plastic container labeled as ‘Willow Tree Premium White Meat CHICKEN SALAD Classic.’” The salads were produced back on September 2, 2020 and have a sell-by date of September 30, 2020. Additionally, the salads have establishment number ‘EST. P-8827.’  According to the notice, the salads were shipped to retailers throughout Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia. 

The company became aware of the issue after a customer complained about walnuts and cranberries in their salad that was labeled as a ‘classic chicken’ salad. Fortunately, there have been no confirmed cases of anyone experiencing adverse reactions from eating the products. 

At the moment, FSIS has labeled the recall a Class 1, meaning the salads pose a high health risk to anyone with a nut allergy. For now, anyone who has the salads should return them for a refund or toss them in the trash.


Chicken Salad Recall as Willow Tree Poultry Farm Products May Contain Nuts

Willow Tree Poultry Farm, Inc. recalls chicken salad due to misbranding, undeclared allergen

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