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Wisconsin Brewery Recalls Certain Beers Because They May Explode When Opened

— August 26, 2019

After receiving reports of certain beers exploding, Lakefront Brewery is recalling a cherry sour beer called ‘My Turn Junk.’

Caution Sign; image courtesy of Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay,

Lakefront Brewery, based in Wisconsin, is recalling one of its beers because there is a risk of the cans exploding. According to social media posts aimed at informing customers of the potential risk, the bottles of beer should be “carefully disposed of or refrigerated.” After investigating the matter, it was discovered that “one of the ingredients used in the drink causes pressure to continue to build up in the bottle.

The decision to recall the beer was first announced on the company’s Instagram page and only includes the ‘My Turn Junk’ beer. According to the label, the beer is a “kettle sour with cherries and sakura,” and the cherries are the ingredient responsible for the potential explosion risk. In fact, the Instagram post stated, “wild yeast from the cherries used to brew the may continue to ferment, building up pressure in the bottles, making them at risk for explosion.” When commenting on the recall, Michael Stodola, an employee of the brewery, said, “dealing with nature is unpredictable. That wild yeast continues to eat the sugars and continues to output CO2 and alcohol and that builds pressure in the bottles.”

The company’s decision to recall the beer came after three bottles exploded. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported in connection with the explosions. It should also be noted that even though the bottles may explode, the beer inside is safe to drink, according to the company.


Beer recalled due to ‘risk of explosion’

Wisconsin brewery beer recalled due to ‘risk of explosion’

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