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Wisconsin’s Teen Girls are Struggling with Their Self-esteem

— October 11, 2023

The mental health of teen girls depends on successful early interventions.

Wisconsin finds itself grappling with an escalating crisis as its adolescent girls face mounting mental health issues, as per concerning data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Authorities at the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health have characterized these statistics as deeply unsettling. The data reveals a bleak scenario, with over half of the state’s high school girls reporting experiencing anxiety. An astonishing 50% of these young girls confess to feeling sad or discouraged every single day. Shockingly, more than a quarter of them admit to engaging in self-harming behavior. However, the most troubling statistic is that 25% of Wisconsin’s teen girls have contemplated suicide, with 20% of them having devised a concrete plan. Even more alarming, more than half of those who planned suicide have attempted.

In addressing these harrowing statistics, Linda Hall, director of the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health, expressed her concerns, stating, “We’ve been witnessing these trends on the rise for quite some time, even before the onset of the pandemic. There’s a growing apprehension regarding the stress these girls are enduring and their mounting mental health challenges.”

Wisconsin's Teen Girls are Struggling with Their Self-esteem
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Mental health professionals attribute this surge in challenges to a multifaceted range of factors, with academic pressure emerging as a prominent contributor. The pandemic-induced educational disruptions have left many students feeling an intense need to “catch up.” However, these challenges transcend the academic realm. The pervasive presence of social media has injected an additional layer of stress into the lives of these teen girls. The relentless pressure to conform to predefined beauty and popularity standards on these platforms can prove overwhelming, gradually eroding their self-esteem. Moreover, many girls are going through physical maturation at an earlier age compared to their parents or previous generations, resulting in a significant discordance between their physical and emotional development.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, mental health professionals and organizations are actively engaged in addressing these challenges. It is imperative to formulate strategies and resources that not only help these young girls navigate their immediate hurdles but also equip them with the resilience and skills required to navigate adolescence and beyond.

One promising avenue for intervention is the expansion of mental health education and awareness campaigns within educational institutions. By fostering open conversations and dismantling the stigma surrounding seeking help, schools can establish a more supportive environment for students grappling with these issues. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that mental health services and resources are accessible to those in need. Timely intervention and treatment can significantly impact the lives of these young individuals.

Parental involvement is also pivotal. Parents must be equipped with the knowledge and tools to identify signs of distress in their children and initiate discussions about mental health. Creating an environment of open communication at home can offer a safe space for teens to express their emotions and concerns.

The alarming upsurge in mental health issues among Wisconsin’s teenage girls is a clarion call that cannot be disregarded. The statistics necessitate not just heightened awareness but also a concerted effort to address the underlying causes and extend meaningful support. It falls upon parents, educators, mental health professionals, and society at large to unite in prioritizing the mental well-being of our youth.  We hope to reverse this disquieting trend and secure a brighter future for Wisconsin’s teenage girls through collective action.


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