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Sara is a credited freelance writer, editor, contributor, and essayist, as well as a novelist and poet with over fourteen years of experience. A seasoned publishing professional, she's worked for newspapers, magazines and book publishers in content digitization, editorial, acquisitions and intellectual property. Sara has been an invited speaker at a Careers in Publishing & Authorship event at Michigan State University and a Reading and Writing Instructor at Sylvan Learning Center. She has an MBA degree with a concentration in Marketing and is currently pursuing an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, concentrating in Substance Abuse and Addictions. Sara is also certified in children's book writing, HTML coding and social media marketing. Her fourth book, Narcissistic Personality Disorder: No Band-Aid for a Wounded Soul, is due out in late 2017. For more information, please visit
Two women in the Ashland borough who reside next to each other were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a brawl while shoveling last week.
Substitute teacher Judith Richards-Gartee was found drunk in her classroom on Friday, March 17th.
A federal lawsuit was filed on Tuesday claiming that at least forty female Milwaukee County jail inmates were forced to remain shackled while giving birth.
Vince Chhabira gave final approval on Thursday to a $27 million settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit against Lyft brought about by its drivers.
Vernon Madison is on death row after having been convicted of killing a Mobile police officer, but unable to stand trial.
Richard Wanke, age 55, of Rockford, Illinois, was found guilty of the murder of his attorney and sentenced to prison.
Several families sought justice a San Jose, California, school district after four girls reported being abuse.
Larry Paul Fontenot used his badge to sexually exploit bar patrons who pulled out to fix a flat tire.
The pain management doctor, Fathalla Mashali, was found to be running what investigators refer to as a "pill mill", prescribing medications to addicts.
Deaf and mute illegal immigrant, Oswaldo Martinez was charged with the rape and murder of 16 year old Brittany Binger, but is unable to stand trial.