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Sara is a credited freelance writer, editor, contributor, and essayist, as well as a novelist and poet with over fourteen years of experience. A seasoned publishing professional, she's worked for newspapers, magazines and book publishers in content digitization, editorial, acquisitions and intellectual property. Sara has been an invited speaker at a Careers in Publishing & Authorship event at Michigan State University and a Reading and Writing Instructor at Sylvan Learning Center. She has an MBA degree with a concentration in Marketing and is currently pursuing an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, concentrating in Substance Abuse and Addictions. Sara is also certified in children's book writing, HTML coding and social media marketing. Her fourth book, Narcissistic Personality Disorder: No Band-Aid for a Wounded Soul, is due out in late 2017.
A domestic abuse victim in El Paso, Texas, was arrested while reporting the crime by ICE agents due to her Mexican citizenship status.
Christopher Duntsch, a surgeon in Dallas County, Texas, received a felony charge for botching Mary Efurd's spinal fusion in 2012.
A new court filing has indicated that The Environmental Protection Agency may be aiding Monsanto in a cover-up.
DuPont and Chemours settle cancer-causing chemicals lawsuit.
Drug overdose calls have skyrocketed in Louisville, and national numbers are on the rise.
Davyne Dial receives $500,000 for a Facebook defamation lawsuit in which Jacquelyn Hammond made a derogatory comment related to her son's death.
On Thursday, a judge decided to allow "evil twin" Alexandria Duval to post a reduced $2 million bond or $200,000 in cash.
Seyfarth Shaw LLP made the decision last week to start using robot technology from Blue Prism.
Jeb was accused of killing a neighbor’s dog, but DNA evidence saves his life.
A lawsuit was filed last Monday alleging defendants from Louisiana are extremely under-served by the state's public defender system due to financial crisis.