Fox News and CNN aren't the only news outlets under fire for discriminating against employees. Yesterday, four female employees of the Detroit Free Press filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the newspaper and Gannet Co., it's owner, alleging “they have systematically received lower pay than their similarly situated male peers.” Additionally, it also alleges that Gannet Co. and the Free Press “violated the federal Equal Pay Act and the state civil rights law, which bars gender discrimination, by disparately compensating women while they do equal work with the same skills as comparable men.”

As parents, we can never be too careful about the products we use with or around our children. From cribs and strollers to baby gates and car seats, there are so many products on the market nowadays to help keep children safe. The last thing any parent would expect is for one of these products to malfunction or pose a safety hazard. Alas, safety recalls are more common than many realize, and just recently one was issued for a popular car-seat manufactured by “Diono, formerly known as Sunshine Kids Juvenile.”


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Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Deceased Jail Inmate Reaches Settlement

Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Deceased Jail Inmate Reaches Settlement

Psychiatrist and Clinic Facing Lawsuit from a Dozen Former Patients

An early October investigation by ProPublica shows how for-profit secondary schools incentivize their students to refer their friends for enrollment. ProPublica reporter Heather Vogell opened...

An Oklahoma-based drug rehabilitation program called Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery has been accused of stealing its participants workers’ compensation claims. A former participant...
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Requiem for the American Dream. Americans wonder in sadness at our current reality. How did it happen? Thinkers have analyzed and documented how we arrived at this point in our history. When “we the people” face growing existential threats of an unlivable world, increasing inequality, and political bondage, we need a clear understanding of how this happened to the American Dream.
Image of Joseph Sledge

Can you imagine being sentenced to prison for a crime you didn't commit? Unfortunately, wrongful convictions happen from time to time, subjecting normal, every day people to long prison sentences for crimes like theft, arson, and even murder. For example, Joseph Sledge spent “37 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.” Now he's set to receive $4 million after Bladen County and insurance companies agreed to settle a lawsuit that Sledge filed against the Bladen County Sheriff's Office. But what happened? How was he found guilty and imprisoned for nearly four decades?
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce building, draped with banners that spell out the word JOBS.

The Chamber of Commerce might conjure up images of small business and good conservatism, but the companies interested in real conservation are leaving.

Home improvement chain Menards is facing three separate class action lawsuits, all of which accuse the retailer of stealing its employees’ wages. The first complaint...
Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication

Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication
Patient Left Paralyzed Due To Long ER Wait Times

Patient Left Paralyzed Due To Long ER Wait Times

Hollywood Hills Center Under Investigation for Resident Deaths

The Prime Minister of Turkey is allegedly “saddened” by the United States’ decision to temporarily suspend its embassy’s non-immigrant visa services. Since the decision, Turkey...

A group of people who attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival have banded together to sue a manufacturer of firearm ‘bump stocks'. The perpetrator of...

The City of San Diego agreed to pay $500,000 to trash truck drivers who say they were illegally denied pay while taking lunchbreaks. The class...
Image of Fearless Girl Challenging Wall Street's Charging Bull

Do you remember the “Fearless Girl” statue staring down the Charging Bull on Wall Street? Since it's installment, “Fearless Girl” has stood as a symbol of female equality and empowerment, which is why some find it a bit ironic that the firm behind it, State Street, is set to “pay millions of dollars to women employees who say it treated them unfairly.” Some of the allegations, in particular, came from female employees who claim they were paid “less than their male counterparts."