The Trump administration is purportedly irking senior staffers at the Environmental Protection Agency with its appointment of Nancy Beck, a former industrial lobbyist, to...

The Trump administration scored a partial victory Monday, with the Supreme Court agreeing to implement part of the president’s controversial travel ban. In its unsigned...


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Tensing Gets Another Mistrial

Tensing Gets Another Mistrial
Stock image of telephone and fingers pressing buttons

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission proposed a $120 million fine against Adrian Abramovich of Florida, alleging the Miami man’s high-volume, illegal robocalls disrupted...

A Seattle judge gave the go-ahead to a class action lawsuit challenging a once-secret government program which delayed Muslims’ citizenship and immigration applications. U.S. District...

Midway through Tuesday evening, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s larger-than-life co-founder and CEO, resigned. Reportedly under intense pressure from the company largest investors and shareholders, Kalanick helped...
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Bishop Curry is not your average ten-year-old boy. In fact, I think he's rather exceptional, which is why he's the focus of this week's...
Image of a Person holding a Fidget Spinner

A very popular toy has been deemed dangerous by a consumer watchdog group. Earlier this month, World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) issued a warning to parents about fidget spinners, a popular toy among children in the U.S. and around the world.
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Sick? Have a pre-existing condition? Poor? You may be in trouble if the Republican lead Senate gets its way with its new "health plan."...
Image of the Recalled Britax Car Seat

Parents can never be too careful about the products they use for their babies and children. Because of that, it’s important to stay informed and up to date about recent recalls, like the one just issued by Britax Child Safety. The company has decided to recall more than “207,000 rear-facing infant car seats because part of a clip can break and cause a choking hazard.”
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It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but even harder when a loved one dies unexpectedly, and in a tragic manner. Unfortunately, that...
Florida Man Released From Prison Only To Prepare His Return

Florida Man Released From Prison Only To Prepare His Return
Naked Man Seeing Snakes Arrested

Naked Man Seeing Snakes Arrested
Image of Recalled Harris Teeter Hummus

Fresh Foods Market Artisan Pine Nuts Hummus has been voluntarily recalled by Harris Teeter over concerns of potential listeria contamination. But how was the problem discovered? What should customers do if they have a container of potentially contaminated hummus sitting in their refrigerator?
Image of a San Jose Fire Department fire truck

The San Jose Fire Department is under fire for the second time in five years for gender discrimination. Two female firefighters, Chief Patricia Tapia and retired Battalion Chief Debra Ward, are suing the city “for gender discrimination, retaliation and harassment saying they were passed up for promotions because they are women.” Both women claim in the lawsuit that they are “fighting to change the culture of exclusion at the fire department.”
Image of Evanger's Dog Food

Nearly 40 different pet food and treat items are or have been recalled this year, leaving pet owners feeling a bit uncertain about the safety of the dog or cat food they're buying for their furry friends. But why were they recalled? In many cases, three brands of dog food, in particular, were recalled “because they contained the euthanasia drug pentobarbital.” Now, the company linked to the three brands of dog food is facing multiple lawsuits, “including a $5 million suit brought by the family that had four dogs fall ill, and one die, after eating food made by Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co Inc. and Nutripack., LLC.”
Mitch McConnell speaking alongside other Republican senators

Four Republican senators have voiced their opposition to a proposed Obamacare repeal and replacement, hours after details of the hushed-up bill were finally made...