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Trinity Lutheran v. Comervideo

There's an upcoming case at the Supreme Court that has some rather far-reaching implications. Trinity Lutheran v. Comer concerns a Missouri recycling program, a religious school, and a whole passel of issues. In this case, religious freedom advocates seem to claim that grant money isn't nearly as fungible as when it goes to Planned Parenthood.
Rubber-gloved hands clasp a tuna on display at a market in Mexcio City.

Amidst talk of a border wall and trade war, the Mexican government scored a small victory by way of economic sanctions against the hard-talking...
Attempted murder is an unusual way to pass the time

Attempted Murder -- Bizarre Way To Pass The Time
Police discover intoxicated dog behind the wheel

Police Discover Intoxicated Chihuahua Behind The Wheel
Image of a Campbell's Soup Label with 'RECALL' written over it.

A warning to Florida soup lover’s: Campbell’s Soup recently issued a recall of their popular chicken soup throughout the state. In total, about 4,185 pounds of the company’s 18.6-ounce cans labeled as “Campbell’s Homestyle Healthy Request Chicken with Whole Grain Pasta” have been recalled.
An outside view of the IRS building with a sign reading "Internal Revenue Service" in the foreground

The I.R.S. is getting ready to employ the services of four private debt collectors in attempt to collect past-due taxes. Critics of the plan, including...
A view of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan taken from the street and angled upwards to the top of the building

A group of lawyers is suing the Justice Department and FBI in attempt to resolve the controversy surrounding the President’s claim of being wiretapped...
Alabama may add nitrogen gas as an execution option

Alabama May Add Nitrogen Gas As An Execution Option
Dr. Helfmann is sued over patient information disclosure (HIPAA violation), countersues

Doctor Counter-Sues After Being Sued For HIPAA Violation
Image of a Quaker Oats Oatmeal Label

Yet another lawsuit has been filed over allegations of age discrimination. This time the lawsuit was filed against the popular oatmeal and cereal company, Quaker Oats, by a former employee, Calvin M. Brown. But what sort of age discrimination did Mr. Brown experience? How long had he been working at Quaker Oats before the alleged discrimination?
Lois Lerner takes part in a House oversight committee meeting.

Remember ancient history, all the way back in 2013, when the world was a much simpler place and the news of the day was that the IRS had supposedly “singled out” Tea Party organizations for further scrutiny before allowing them tax-exempt 501(c)(4) status? It's been a while, but those events are still shaking out in the legal system.
Transgender man Evan Michael Minton is denied reassignment surgery

Hospital denies transgender patient reassignment surgery.
mom videotapes her autistic son's arrest

Mom videotaped her autistic son's arrest who is taken into handcuffs for assault.
Donald Trump looks at the camera

On Friday, President Trump told Dreamers to ‘rest easy,’ reaffirming his administration’s commitment to target criminals for deportation rather than children brought to the...
Image of Fox News posters displayed on the News Corp. headquarters building in Midtown Manhattan

The racial discrimination lawsuit against Fox News is growing. It started when two African American women spoke out against the discrimination at the network, and now, just last week, seven other African American Fox News employees intend to join in on the lawsuit, according to New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman. But what happened to warrant such a lawsuit?