This post has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while now. It started out as something deeply personal and then, as it continued to percolate, became something I thought applicable at a broader level. What exactly do I mean by Radical Acceptance and Radical Change? Well, I promise if you Google it, you’ll come up with some cool stuff, but none of it matches what’s in my head.

The recent General Mills flour recall increased in size just like a rising loaf of bread. This time, it’s Betty Crocker’s bad day as cake recalled over E. coli. Some of the recalled General Mills flour was used in three Betty Crocker cake mixes, two in the U.S. and one in Canada.


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The Grand Prairie Independent School District teamed up with Understory, a sensor and data analytics company, for a “Weather Is Cool” educational program that will help students learn about weather and atmospheric sciences and how they affect both the students and the environment. As part of the program, free weather sensors deployed at schools in Metro Dallas.

This is important, but unhappy, news for those of us who love raw cookie dough, especially in ice cream. In fact, it’s a bummer! FDA warns that raw cookie dough is bad for us. The warning stems from a recent E. coli outbreak that was traced to contaminated flour. The FDA also warns that it’s not just cookie dough that could be dangerous, but all raw dough, such as pizza and bread dough.

Friday, July 1 was a big day in Vermont! Act 120, Vermont’s GMO food label law is now in effect. Signed into law in 2014 after ten years of work, Act 120 requires that food producers selling products containing GMO’s label their products with that fact.

Universities across America are often seen as a hot bed for progressive and liberal ideas. With an increasing demand on the left for higher...

Justice was done the Friday before Independence Day in a courtroom in Philadelphia. Janssen, on trial for failure to properly warn of side effects caused by one of its popular antipsychotic drugs, was given no cause to celebrate the long weekend when the jury awarded plaintiff $70M Risperdal verdict.

Sometimes you have to see something in order to believe it. This, for me, was one of those times. I was asked to cover this story and, as I sat pondering the subject matter, thought, “Surely, this can’t be true!” Yet, when I opened the file there it was in all its glory. Uh, that may not have been the best choice of words as you’ll see when we get deeper into this NSFW court transcript on Butt Boys. Come to think of it, that last sentence was probably a poor choice of words, too.

Bayer is still trying to shake liability for the thousands of injuries its Mirena Intrauterine Device (IUD) has caused. Back in March, they convinced U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel to bar certain of plaintiffs’ expert witnesses from offering testimony, figuring that without expert testimony on causation, plaintiffs would lose. However, the case hasn’t been dismissed. Yet. Bayer filed a motion for summary judgment - legalese for a judgment in one party’s favor based on the entire case’s merits or on certain issues - on May 4, 2016. Now, Mirena plaintiffs prepare response to Bayer’s summary judgment motion.

The Department of Justice filed a status report earlier this month regarding Zimmer Biomet, a medical device manufacturer. In the report, the DOJ says Zimmer Biomet breached its deferred prosecution deal. This breach leaves Zimmer Biomet open to criminal prosecution. The company promised to comply with DOJ requests and entered into “discussions to resolve this matter which would obviate the need for a trial.”

Last Thursday the Supreme Court denied a challenge to the University of Texas at Austin's affirmative action policy. The decision was met with relief...

After years of problems with certain models of dressers and chests, IKEA voluntarily recalls 29M dressers due to children’s death. To date, at least...

Three important pieces of legislation, one introduced last year and two introduced this month, could change the way certain women’s health issues are handled. These women’s health bills are now in Committee. The bills were introduced by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), a long-time supporter of women’s health causes and champion of the move to reform the FDA’s broken processes for medical device approval.

If you’re shopping online for healthcare products and you see a seal stating that the product is “Doctor Trusted,” chances are you feel better about buying it because it’s been evaluated by a team of independent doctors. Sadly, such is not the case with SmartClick Media LLC’s “Doctor Trusted” certification program. It turns out the Doctor Trusted seal can’t be trusted, after all.

Two wars are racing toward us. Each will be global in scale. Each will bring unimaginable waves of suffering and destruction down upon the...

Trump's nondisclosure agreements are cause for concern.With the recent firing of his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump returns to the public's attention the...

Jimmy John’s agrees to drop noncompete clauses in hiring packets as part of settlement reached Wednesday with New York authorities.The noncompete clauses bar current...