Substitute teacher Judith Richards-Gartee was found drunk in her classroom on Friday, March 17th.

While it's understandable that businesses would prefer to keep certain trade secrets and proprietary formulations under wraps, matters of food safety should be considered in a different light. If brands feel like they would lose market share to competitors who hadn't sold or distributed dangerous products, perhaps that fear should be realized for the good of consumers everywhere. This is the problem of information asymmetry; that is, when buyers and sellers have different levels of information about a product that lead to different decision-making capabilities.


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Three families and the University Place School District have settled a lawsuit surrounding allegations of racial discrimination. Filed back in 2015, related court documents claim the plaintiffs, all African American, experienced “racial name-calling, discriminatory grading practices and other forms of harassment” during their time at Curtis High School. When complaints about the harassment were reported, the plaintiff’s parents claimed they were “ignored or rebuffed.”

We’ve read a lot about listeria and salmonella outbreaks and their related recalls lately, and now it seems that lead poisoning has joined the fray. In Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Aroma Imports Inc. has issued a recall of their “450 g and 4.5 kg packages of Nabelsi brand Thyme” due to excessive levels of lead. How was this problem discovered? Well, the potential issue was discovered when the FDA, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Environmental Health Protection collected samples of the product and found that it contained high levels of lead, measuring at 422 PPM.

Last Friday, Fresno County Superior Court Judge, Kristi Kapetan, issued a ruling requiring Monsanto to label it’s Roundup weedkiller “as a possible carcinogen.” The ruling effectively makes California the first state to require such a thing, and it has concerned citizens and environmental activists cheering.

Almost everyone interprets the Matrix and Hunger Games as metaphors which obviously endorse the same truths that they, themselves, accept. It's more difficult to accept that people whose agendas counter our own rarely believe themselves to be the bad guys.

Several families sought justice a San Jose, California, school district after four girls reported being abuse.

The last two days have been bad for the Trump administration’s political tactics team. Last night, a judge in Hawaii blocked a controversial travel...

Larry Paul Fontenot used his badge to sexually exploit bar patrons who pulled out to fix a flat tire.

The armed forces came under heavy fire in early March after servicemen were caught circulating lewd photographs of their female colleagues on Facebook. Over the...

Does a gag order on a settlement about open government sound a bit silly? You wouldn’t be the first to think so, but that’s exactly what happened as a result of a lawsuit filed back in 2015 by Tony Webster. He sued the “city of Bloomington when it didn't hand over everything he'd asked for related to a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America.” However, it didn’t take long before news of the lawsuit lost steam, and eventually “faded from view,” according to the StarTribune.
Three bottles of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder

Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson broke their highly expensive losing streak in the suits involving talc and ovarian cancer. The company lost three...

The pain management doctor, Fathalla Mashali, was found to be running what investigators refer to as a "pill mill", prescribing medications to addicts.

Deaf and mute illegal immigrant, Oswaldo Martinez was charged with the rape and murder of 16 year old Brittany Binger, but is unable to stand trial.

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked Donald Trump’s revised travel ban mere hours before it was due to take effect. In a lengthy ruling, U.S....

A pioneering global warming lawsuit brought against the federal government by 21 children could change everything for the Trump administration. Originally filed back when Barack...

The long-time head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s program for protecting minorities from pollution, Mustafa Ali, publicly resigned from his post on Thursday. Ali, a...