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14 Driving Offenses You May Do Daily but Are Illegal

— November 29, 2022

We all know it’s illegal to drive your car while drunk, so maybe you thought it was okay to sleep in your car and sleep it off. However, this can be an offense as well. 

Many driving laws in the law book can take years to memorize and practice correctly. With the upgrading technologies, driving laws get fresh updates too. 

We may innocently think doing certain things while driving is okay. However, these are considered felonies, for which you can face huge fines and even jail!

To help you recognize these unintended illegal activities, this article lists fourteen driving offenses you may be doing daily. Knowing these will save you from future legal problems.

  1. Invalid Automobile Insurance

As weird as it may sound, suspending your driver’s license is legal if the insurance on your car or motorbike has expired. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will automatically flag your license, and you can’t drive with a suspended driver’s license unless you solve this issue.

To solve this, you’ll have to solve the issue directly with the DMV. You can only resume driving once you’ve renewed your insurance or decided to revoke it. 

  1. Flashing Lights to Pass the Car in Front

You may think it’s okay to flash your headlights to the car in front to give you the way. However, this is a driving felony in the US, especially if this causes a mishap! 

Different countries have different interpretations of it. However, you should only use it to warn the driver ahead of you about your presence, not to let you pass by. 

  1. Securing the Baby in Front of an Airbag

This makes sense and is an offense for the sake of the safety of the babies, which is why you should secure your baby in the middle of the rear seat. Generally, the seats in the front contain airbags, while those in the back usually don’t. 

Securing your baby in the front seat is an offense, especially if you meet an unfortunate crash. The airbag that’ll set off will suffocate the baby, eventually taking its life. You’ll likely be charged with multiple felonies.  

  1. Sleeping Intoxicated in Your Car

We all know it’s illegal to drive your car while drunk, so maybe you thought it was okay to sleep in your car and sleep it off. However, this can be an offense as well. 

Yes, you can’t sleep in your car intoxicated. Until you sober up, you can’t touch your car since you’ll still be in charge of your vehicle. 

  1. Parking on the Wrong Side

Parking on the wrong side of the road is illegal, especially at night. Any passing driver can easily hit on your vehicle, causing massive damage and possible injuries. Without the headlights turned on, your car will be undetectable in the dark.

  1. Overtaking a Passing Pedestrian

You can’t overtake a pedestrian passing the road, especially by the crossing. Almost all corners have a traffic light to inform drivers that pedestrians are passing by. Breaking that law and overtaking the pedestrian while ignoring the signal is a felony.

  1. Not Leaving Enough Space in Parking

You should leave at least one-meter space front and back when parking in the lot. If you fail to follow that instruction, you’ll surely get a ticket from the police. This is why fine-tuning precision is important when learning how to drive.

  1. Waving Goodbye ‘Inappropriately’

 Horns exist as warning devices and should only be used for that purpose. You may honk goodbye while leaving someone’s place, which is actually a legal offense. Using it for saying goodbye or honking unnecessarily in a hurry can land you a hefty fine. 

  1. Having an Occupied Lap While Driving

You should keep yourself free and functional while driving, which is why having anything on your lap is a legal offense. You can’t carry your pet, baby, or even food and beverages on your lap. These can restrict your view and efficiency, and you may end up hurting the baby or the pet.

10. Taking Prescription Medicines Before Driving

Some prescription medicines can have side effects on the brain, putting you at risk when driving or walking. You may feel dizzy, nauseous, or maybe in pain from it, affecting your driving abilities.

Fentanyl Problem Continues to Rise, Rainbow Pills Being Sold
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

This is why doctors advise mothers who just gave birth not to drive until they fully recover. Some birth injuries need strong medications that may alter their consciousness, putting them at risk while driving. 

11. Paying at a Drive-Thru With a Phone

You may think it’s okay to pay with your phone when getting food from a drive-thru; however, that’s illegal too. Trying to pay online can cause a line-up due to all the steps it takes on the phone. A drive-thru should move fast.

That’s why you should keep your cash ready. You may try to pay with your card, but that can also slow down the line due to all the formalities.

12. A Dirty License Plate

Your license plates should always be visible, which is why keeping them clean is essential. They should be clean for the control centers for precise documentation. Even if you have a month of dust covering the number plate slightly, you’ll be fined for it massively. 

13. Non-functioning Washers and Windshield Wipers

Every vehicle should be functional, including your windshield wipers and washers. If these are non-functional, you’ll face a lawsuit when someone spots them. Speaking of snow, the top of your car shouldn’t cover it. Otherwise, that’ll land you a fine. 

14. Not Holding the Wheel in a Traffic Light

It’s okay to relax your arms and let the steering go during a red light, right? Wrong! Your hands should still be on the steering, as you’ll need to be up and driving as soon as the light goes green. 

You’ll get a fine if you do anything else, even responding to urgent emails. You must turn on certain mobile phone features to allow a safe drive.  


It’s not easy to memorize everything you need to ignore to keep yourself safe from lawsuits while driving. However, knowing these fourteen driving offenses, you’re committing daily can save you enough trouble. 

Stay knowledgeable, stay safe, and let others know what they should practice and what to avoid! 

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