Alaska Airlines Under Fire in Recent Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed against Alaska Airlines by a Spokane Valley woman after she claimed “a contractor failed to escort their elderly mother to her gate for a flight to Spokane.” Because of that failure, the elderly woman, Bernice Kekona, fell down an escalator and her injuries from the fall led to her death in September. The lawsuit itself was filed on behalf of Kekona’s eldest child, Darlene Bloyed, and was filed in “King County Superior Court in Seattle, where Alaska Airlines is based.”

Judge Dismisses Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

When Michael Jackson was alive, there were numerous accusations surrounding the pop star of inappropriate behavior. One such case came from a former choreographer, 35-year-old Wade Robson, who alleged in a lawsuit that “Michael Jackson molested him as a child.” However, earlier this week, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, “resolving one of the last major claims against the late singer’s holdings.” In dismissing the lawsuit, the judge, Mitchell L. Beckloff found that “the two Jackson-owned corporations, which were the remaining defendants in the case, were not liable for Robson’s exposure to Jackson.” His decision did not “rule on the credibility of Robson’s allegations themselves.”

Lawsuit Against Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Set to Continue Into 2018

Earlier this year celebrity chef Mario Batali was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of different women. However, they weren’t the only ones with complaints against the chef. It turns out a male employee also decided to sue the chef “over claims of discrimination and sexual harassment.” The openly gay employee, Isaac Franco Nava, is a former pastry cook at Babbo, according to the lawsuit. In addition to suing Batali, Nava also filed the suit against Babbo and Batali’s partner, Joeseph Bastianich back in May, alleging that “he was harassed and ultimately fired for taking a pork chop home with him.”

Trial Date Set Involving Universal ‘Chocolate Factory’ Lawsuit

A trial date has been set regarding a lawsuit surrounding Universal Orlando and its Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen. What is the lawsuit about, though? Well, it turns out that Adam Limle, a resident of Ohio, sued Universal Orlando because he claims the “company’s restaurant and dessert attraction was his idea.” On the other side of the aisle, however, Universal is accusing “Limle of trying to claim general ideas and a mixture of known ingredients as trade secrets.”

District Judge Blocks Refugee Order from Trump Travel Ban

On Saturday afternoon, a U.S. district judge issued a preliminary injunction which would place limits on the Trump administration’s ability to enforce part of its latest travel ban. U.S. District Judge James Robart moved to block a portion of the order, which limits immigration from 11 countries – most of which are Muslim-majority. While allowing