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3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

— December 15, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes people make when involved in an accident is not contacting an attorney immediately.

Being involved in a bus accident can be a traumatic experience for many people, so it’s only natural that they might make mistakes. Although these mistakes can cost you in the future, you’re not the only one making them. That said, you can still salvage your mistakes if you seek legal help in time.

The most crucial step you need to do is to hire an attorney to help you along the way and support your case to show you can still be eligible even after making inevitable mistakes. So, if you’ve been in a bus accident lately and you’re wondering where you went wrong, this article will guide you.

Not Speaking Up Immediately

One of the most common mistakes is getting involved in a bus accident and simply getting off the bus and going on with your day. Suddenly, a few days later, you’ve got a sharp pain in your neck, and you’re injured.

Unfortunately, the insurance company can try to use that against you by saying you might’ve gotten that from another injury because it’s been some days already. They’ll devise ridiculous scenarios to avoid saying you were injured on the bus.

Luckily, seek legal help from qualified lawyers who specialize in bus accidents. They can assist you in gathering the necessary evidence to prove your injuries were from the day of the accident.

Not Seeking Medical Care

The second mistake that you might make is not seeking medical help immediately. Although you might think you’re not injured, some symptoms might take days or weeks. That’s why going to the hospital and getting a medical report is essential to prove whether you’re okay or you’ve incurred an injury.

Remember that the insurance pays these medical expenses, so it won’t cost you anything to do a check-up and make sure you’re okay.

Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via
Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via

However, your local attorney can manage your medical bills and use them in your claim. For example, if you’re from Albuquerque, New Mexico, you can contact Albuquerque Bus Accident Lawyers, who can help prove your medical costs are because of your bus accident injuries.

Talking to Insurance Companies

Many victims think that they can freely talk to insurance people after an accident as if they were their friends. The wise thing would be to hire an attorney to take care of you. Hire someone from New Mexico Bus Accident Lawyers because they can ensure all your rights are protected and that the insurance companies offer fair compensation for your injuries.

Not Speaking to a Lawyer

Lastly, one of the biggest mistakes people make when involved in an accident is not contacting an attorney immediately. If you see a lawyer immediately, they can send out other people as investigators to ensure they have evidence for your case.

If you hire Albuquerque Accident Lawyers, they’ll talk to witnesses and get their statements, take pictures to prove physical damage, and take photographs of the roadways or road conditions to preserve the evidence.

However, you could still help your case by making a complaint to your city’s bus system. For example, you can report your bus accident to Albuquerque Rapid Transit – ART and state any irregularities from the bus driver or company to prevent future neglect behavior.

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