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Waking Up From a Coma After a Motorcycle Crash in Chicago: Can I Sue?

— December 15, 2022

Fortunately, the legal system allows victims to sue after comas – even if many decades have passed.

Motorcycle crashes can easily put victims in comas. These victims may spend months, years, or even decades in a comatose state – with loved ones waiting hopefully for the day they regain consciousness. But what happens when they wake up? Can they finally sue the negligent parties that caused their injuries? Or has that ship sailed? This is something that both victims and family members should be aware of as they strive for the best possible results and a fair financial settlement. 

Man Wakes Up From Coma After Motorcycle Accident – Believes He’s Living in the 90s

On November 27th, ABC7 Chicago reported that a man had woken up from a coma after a near-fatal motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist was moving through an intersection when another vehicle ran a red light. This caused the motorcyclist to T-Bone the vehicle, ejecting him from his bike and sending him flying through the air more than 50 feet. He was knocked unconscious with internal bleeding, broken bones, and punctured lungs. 

All in all, the coma only lasted three days. But when he awoke, the individual believed that it was 1993. He had lost 29 years of his memory as a result of the crash. In fact, his memory was so damaged that he didn’t even realize that he was married to his wife, and quickly proposed to her after seeing her again. While that might seem like a somewhat touching story, the man also failed to recognize his own two daughters. This shows just how life-altering and traumatic a motorcycle accident can be. 

Suing After a Coma

Fortunately, the legal system allows victims to sue after comas – even if many decades have passed. This is because the statute of limitations only applies once you become “aware” of your injuries. Since people in comas are not aware of their own injuries, the clock only starts ticking once they regain consciousness. Normally, accident victims only have a handful of years during which they can sue.

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The same logic applies to memory loss. If your head injury robs you of your memory, you might be unaware that you were struck by a negligent driver. Without family members to guide you, it can be impossible to hold negligent parties accountable. If you regain your memory many years later and decide to sue with help from your lawyers, your right to do so would likely be protected. Once again, this is because you only became “aware” of your injuries at a much later date. 

Where Can I Find Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

If you’ve been searching for Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers, there are many options nearby. The sooner you get in touch with these Illinois motorcycle accident lawyers, the better. With their help, you can strive for a fair settlement. In many cases, these motorcycle accident lawyers can help you receive compensation even if you have been in a coma for years or decades. Victims deserve the right to pursue compensation, so book your consultation with accident lawyers today. 

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