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4 Situations When You Need to Contact a Bus Accident Attorney

— July 19, 2023

Although people may find themselves in a bus accident, their first thought is not to always call for an accident lawyer. But it makes sense! When involved in any accident, we always look out for any injuries and whether we or our loved one have survived.

Unfortunately, when you or some you love has been severely injured, you deserve fair compensation to cover your expenses and pain. If you’re not familiar with laws, this may be a tricky and complex situation for you; that’s why hiring a bus accident attorney is your best solution. Here are four situations you need to contact a legal team and how they can help your case.

When to Reach Out to a Bus Accident Attorney 

People trust buses for many reasons, especially school buses because they tend to be labelled as a safer mode of transportation for kids. However, accidents can happen. And when they do, you need to seek legal help from qualified lawyers who can help you get through this process. 

Your Child was Injured in a School Bus Accident

School bus accidents are not uncommon, but the biggest misconception people have about them is that the bus driver is responsible for the crash. That’s not always the case. Many times, it could be another driver who hit the bus or a distracted driver who didn’t stop at the stop sign. 

Either way, you should find a local legal team who can help identify the liable party. For example. If you’re from Atlanta, Georgia, you can seek help from Atlanta Bus Accident Lawyers, and they’ll ensure you or your child is compensated for any injuries. 

The Bus Driver Caused an Accident Due to Neglect 

Bus drivers are often found texting and driving, and they also do other neglectful actions that could lead to an accident. They can also drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which makes the situation worse. 

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident and the bus driver was distracted, you deserve compensation. For that, you’ll need help from Georgia Bus Accident Lawyers since they can help navigate your case and ensure you’re eligible for compensation. 

The District Hired an Improperly Trained Bus Driver with a Bad Record

Most of the time, the bus driver is not fully at fault for causing the accident. Many districts hire people with bad driving records who are improperly trained, which can be a major cause for bus accidents. If this happened to you or your kids, you can reach out to a professional team like Atlanta Accident Lawyers to see if you have sufficient evidence to form a case and receive compensation.

Man texting and driving; image by Alexandre Boucher, via
Man texting and driving; image by Alexandre Boucher, via

Additionally, these attorneys will also advise you to make a complaint to your city’s bus system. Suppose the accident happened in Atlanta, you can contact MARTA to inform them on the incapacities of the bus drivers to prevent similar accidents in the future. 

Another Driver Didn’t Stop for the Bus Stop Sign

In some specific situations, your child can be injured due to another driver’s lack of attention to a bus stop sign. Although they were safely crossing the street, another driver might’ve come too fast and cause an accident. 

However, all states have the same law when it comes to stop signs. In that case, you can have a case, but you must hire an attorney to handle all legal paperwork and ensure your child can recover from any injuries.

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