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4 Types of Legal Services for Your Business Abroad

— May 1, 2023

Businesses can develop in a smart way if you count on specialized legal support from the start and make sure that any confusion finds its answer at the right time.

Most of the time, the idea of ​​starting a local business is largely based on its own resources, at least in the beginning. But when it comes to international expansion, things change radically. In this sense, legal services are essential for an optimal start and development according to the expectations of an entrepreneur. 

Starting from this idea, in the following lines you can discover some of the most sought legal services for businesses abroad as well as information about the areas covered by a specialist in the legal field.

1. Legal advice for the incorporation of a company

When decide to establish a business in a foreign country, you must make sure that you know the legislation regarding the procedures involved. And how can you do this, if not with the help of a law firm in the city chosen for your future company? A specialist in the field can deal with:

  • preparation of the necessary documents for the establishment of the company, respecting the legislation in force;
  • collaboration with the relevant authorities where the incorporation documents are submitted;
  • choosing the bank entity with which you will collaborate in the future;
  • legal representation in various matters associated to the registration of a business in a foreign country.

Therefore, the choice of legal services abroad is essential in this endeavor, especially in a foreign country where the legislation may seem different and complex at the same time.

2. Support for hiring foreign workers

Branches and subsidiaries can be established without much effort, especially if you have specialized help by your side. If you want to hire workers from your country of origin, you will need an immigration lawyer with experience in the respective area. Thus, depending on the country from which the particular workers come, a work permit may be needed. 

In most cases, the legislation is permissive, and the procedures are much simplified for the respective permit to be issued at the same time with the residence permit. Thus, the employer can collaborate directly with the law firm to set up all the legal aspects related to the hiring of foreign employees.

3. Injury cases at the workplace

Man’s hand showing two injured fingers; image by Markus Spiske, via
Image by Markus Spiske, via

Once your company is active on the market, you will need more legal services abroad. The development of the business does not mean only a simple road to travel and profits to measure, but also unwanted problems, which may appear at a given moment. 

Hence, in the case of work accidents, where perhaps the equipment was not used properly or certain parameters were not respected, they can have serious consequences, both for employees and for employers. A personal injury attorney can represent the companies involved in such situations and offer all the necessary legal support, as well as the optimal strategies for solving them.

4. A power of attorney for various legal matters

Legal services abroad can also mean the representation with a power of attorney of clients who want to develop their businesses in a certain country, without the necessity of travel, for example. Thus, a company can be established quite quickly, with the support offered by a specialized lawyer, who can represent the clients in this regard.

On the other hand, besides the registration of the respective company, there are cases in which entrepreneurs are interested in real estate acquisitions in the selected country for business. And this is where a power of attorney is useful, with the help of which transactions can be done quite easily and quickly, without the respective clients having to travel abroad.

On your own or with specialized help?

Without a doubt, on your own you cannot handle all the aspects and procedures of opening a business in a foreign country. Even if the formalities may seem straightforward and perhaps similar to those in the country of origin, in reality, you may run into problems that you have never encountered before and that cannot be solved instantly. 

This is where the advantage of collaborating with experts in the field comes in; they know how things are going and who can represent clients from a legal point of view.

So, these are some of the benefits of legal services abroad that you should consider if you are an entrepreneur with upcoming prospects. Businesses can develop in a smart way if you count on specialized legal support from the start and make sure that any confusion finds its answer at the right time.

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