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5 Affordable DIY Ideas Under $1,000

— March 25, 2021

You can save a pretty penny by going the full DIY route, but don’t be afraid to call for help if you get stuck.

If you’re considering renovating your home, there are two things you’ve probably heard – first, it’s expensive, and second, it’s time-consuming. But we’re here to tell you that in both cases – it doesn’t have to be! In fact, we have some great DIY tips that could have your home looking new and fresh, for under $1,000! 

The front door

What better way to make an affordable impact than by giving your front door the makeover of its life? There’s every chance you can invest in a brand new front door for under $1,000 but that isn’t the only option you have here. Shop around, of course, but you can pick up a nice door for under $200 and if you install it yourself you can save around $100 for installation costs. 

From there, you just have to factor in the locks, hinges, paint, and delivery. If you are prepared to spend closer to $1,000, then there are plenty of specialist companies that can handle the job from start to finish. Many will even repaint it as part of the package. 

You can save a pretty penny by going the full DIY route, but if you are unsure about lock installation, call a locksmith. There are plenty of ways for you to cut costs at various stages of the process. 

The cabinetry

If you want a cheap and easy renovation trick, then take a look at the cabinets all over your house. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options to choose from when it comes to handles and knobs. You can tackle some real renovation without really renovating by replacing knobs and handles all over your house. 

Before you make any purchases you should remove the handles you plan to replace. You’ll want to clean the area to determine whether there are marks to wipe away or deeper scars to deal with. The scar you’re left with may influence the type of handles and knobs you choose as a replacement. You want your new fittings to cover those fully as it’s unlikely you can repair them yourself. You will also want to choose fittings with the same type of set up so you don’t need to worry about filling or drilling holes. 

If there’s more in your budget, consider sanding and painting the cabinets in most need of an update. Cabinetry is an expensive replacement, but you can extend its life easily with paint and fittings. 

The lighting

When the bones are good, the rest doesn’t matter all that much: you can use features to inject atmosphere. In this case, lighting fixtures. With $1,000 you can buy several lighting fixtures and you only need to enlist the help of a professional if there is writing to be done. Luckily, there are DIY fixtures that make the process easy and all you have to do is screw them into place. 

Take a look at the room in need of the most help and consider what lighting fixtures it would benefit most from. Remember, you can shop wall, floor, table, and ceiling lighting. A pendant light is an excellent way to create drama which is ideal for a master bedroom or a dining area. You are looking at anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour for an electrical tradesperson to come out and wire and install lighting for you. Of course, there’s also a call out fee to factor in. 

The taps

Take a look at the taps in your bathroom and kitchen. Are those winter pipes showing signs of damage or in need of a hot water repair? Imagine how much of a new lease on life and give the entire room an instant facelift. There is nothing worse than a leaky shower head, a tap caked in limescale, or broken untidy fixtures.

Greyscale photo of running faucet; image by Imani, via
Greyscale photo of running faucet; image by Imani, via

While small changes like this can make a major difference, know that you may need a plumber or handyman to make the installation if you don’t have the necessary skills to finish the job. Having said that, even with the cost of a professional along with the cost of the next fixtures and fittings, you will likely get change from your $1,000. 

The cooktop

Finally, consider installing a new cooktop to give a rundown kitchen a new lease on life. It’s on display and with so much time spent in the kitchen you want to enjoy it. Of course, a new cooktop won’t just improve the look of the kitchen it’ll also improve the cooking experience. 

You win on two fronts. Actually, three fronts because this is your chance to invest in an eco-friendly cooktop and save money on your utilities as well. Don’t forget to factor in potential installation costs. 

If home renovations seem out of reach, remember there are plenty of ways you can boost your income to easily tackle any (or all) of the projects mentioned above.

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