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The Top 5 Most Underrated Cities to Call Home

— March 25, 2021

A lot of these cities provide an alternative to the large cities that people seem to be leaving during the pandemic.

Cities have developed a bad reputation for themselves recently. Under the current climate urban dwellers have been leaving their cities and swapping their tiny apartments for somewhere more spacious in the surrounding suburbs.

Whether this trend will last or not can be determined for sure. Some believe this is the beginning of an urban exodus, others think that this is just a temporary blip in demographic statistics.

For the most part, cities don’t deserve the bad rep they have been receiving during the pandemic. Many smaller cities provide a safe middle ground. In these precious gems, you can find all the culture of the big city within a smaller, less densely populated community. That said, here is a list of the world’s most underrated cities.

1. Newcastle, Britain

These days, not much remains of Newcastle’s Grimey, industrial history. Over the years the city has become a modern cultural hub for the North East of England and plays host to a range of museums, galleries, and small businesses. It is home to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage, an amazing architectural feat that hosts a range of live music events.

The locals are famous for their friendliness, a trait that is attributed to the inhabitants of most towns and cities in the north of England. This city is famous for its nightlife, has a huge student population and a large selection of bars and clubs to choose from. Newcastle is an up-and-coming city worth keeping your eye on.

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you are considering a move from a huge city like New York, but don’t want to sacrifice character and culture then this could be a good bet for you. Each district in Oklahoma City has its own distinct ambiance and its own restaurants, entertainment, and cultural venues. The wages are still high, but the cost of living is still significantly lower than in other cities. What’s not to love?

3. Perth, Western Australia

Australia’s admirable response to the virus seems to have inspired many talented Australian ex-pats to return home and despite the current circumstances the Australian property market is doing well.

It begs the question, why did these ex-pats leave in the first place?! The cost of living in Perth is lower than in some of Australia’s cities like Melbourne and Sydney which means you can get a lot more for your money. This is especially important in a time when everyone is looking for more spacious accommodation. The city offers a slower pace of life. It is close to the beach and the lovely climate makes outdoor living easy.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal. Image by Tom Byrom, via
Lisbon, Portugal. Image by Tom Byrom, via

Lisbon is a charming city. It is big enough to be bursting with culture, but there is still a sense of small-town community. The cost of living in Lisbon is very low compared to the cost of living in northern European cities.

The climate is lovely for the majority of the year with just a few months of cold weather in the winter. For the rest of the year, the temperature is agreeable without ever getting too hot in the summer. The city is also close to several beaches. For those who love beachy outdoor lifestyles, it is perfect. There is also a big music and arts scene and there is always something going on.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a beautiful city with a rich culture. There are restaurants, museums dedicated to Maori culture, and a range of outdoor activities to try out. Auckland offers a balanced lifestyle. The modern city is surrounded by nature which means you can live an outdoor lifestyle without compromising career opportunities. There are many new businesses and economies developing in Auckland and the smaller scale of businesses often lead to speedy career progression.

These have been just some of the world’s most underrated places to live. A lot of these cities provide an alternative to the large cities that people seem to be leaving during the pandemic. They are perfect for those wanting to find smaller cities with greater access to nature, without compromising interesting events and cultures which make cities so attractive in the first place. 

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