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5 Uniques Tips for Choosing the Best E-Juice

— December 3, 2020

Heavy smokers usually go for higher nicotine levels, but this could be too harsh for regular users. Also, if you vape many times a day, low nicotine concentrations will be the best choice to avoid an intense throat hit. 

Switching from smoking to vaping can be a tremendous transformation. Vaping is a vast new world with so much to understand and consider. But the results of exploring this trend could be amazing. It has a lot to do with the e-juice you choose.

Vaping is comparatively safe and more exciting than smoking with tons of flavored e-liquid options to consider. Forget just single flavors; today, brands have come up with complex combinations like strawberry and banana that bring together some enthralling mixtures to rejoice. But hunting for the perfect e-liquid needs to be more than just about the flavor. 

Several ingredients enter the preparation of e-juices that contribute to the vapor density, texture, smoothness, and throat hit. Familiarizing the right ways to choose good quality e-liquids from the market can be beneficial to enhance your vaping experience. So if you are struggling to make the right choice about e-liquids, here are five tips that can help you make a good decision.

Know About Vapor Cloud and Throat Hit Capacity 

Choosing e-liquids with a solid throat hit is crucial, especially for smokers, as it helps to closely imitate the feeling of smoking. The throat hit is an important factor to consider even in plain flavored liquids as it enhances the feeling of vaping and gives an intense and bold flavor profile.

Propylene Glycol used in e-liquids is responsible for providing a good throat hit, and choosing flavors with a good proportion of the chemical can thus make a difference. Typically choosing between 20- 40 % of the chemical should give comparable throat hit, but you can explore higher concentrations if you are looking for a more intense experience. 

The other factor that enhances your vaping experience is the vapor cloud. Vegetable glycerin is the compound that influences it, and e-liquids with higher VG concentrations tend to create big, flavor-filled clouds.

Man vaping with heavy clouds of vapor; image by Nathan Salt, via
Man vaping with heavy clouds of vapor; image by Nathan Salt, via

While choosing e-juices with high VG can give you a rather fun experience, the chemical’s high density causes delays in coil absorption, making it a bad choice for certain vape devices. The low power output or response time could cause the coil and wick to burn out faster and hinder the experience. 

Be Mindful of Nicotine Levels 

Even if you are a smoker, the chances are that you have no idea about how much nicotine you consume in a day. The advantage of vape juices is that they are available in various nicotine concentrations that make it easy to choose the right levels that match your typical consumption. 

CBD vape juice that’s safe contains nicotine in 0mg, 3mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and sometimes 36mg per ml dosages. Picking the right concentrations helps to create a good throat hit and create an experience much closer to smoking. 

Heavy smokers usually go for higher nicotine levels, but this could be too harsh for regular users. Also, if you vape many times a day, low nicotine concentrations will be the best choice to avoid an intense throat hit. 

Shortlist Your Favorite Flavors

The best way to figure out the right e-juice flavors for you is to be open to experimentation. There are tons of flavor choices available in the market; some, in fact, complex mixtures that make choosing the right flavors all the more challenging but exciting.

Briefly evaluate the types of flavors you like and choose e-liquids with similar taste profiles. For example, if you are a fan of berries, you have quite a range of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, dragon berry, and berry rush. You can also try out diverse flavors ranging from fruity to tobacco to explore the options available.

An important point to remember here is to keep switching between flavors to avoid vapers tongue. It refers to a phenomenon where getting habitual to the same flavor can cause loss of sensitivity to the nuances of the e-juice. Your taste buds may get accustomed to the flavor that would make it feel boring and tiring with time. Switching between flavors helps keep your vaping experience alive and interesting and gives you a chance to shortlist your favorites. 

You can also mix two flavors to create custom e-liquids that match your preference. Make sure to stick to e-liquids from the same brand for mixing to maintain the chemical ratios. 

Read Online Reviews:

When it comes to shopping, the best advice would be to explore communities that share online reviews to evaluate the quality and taste of an e-liquid. Many enthusiastic users worldwide are trying out e-liquids from different brands, and they tend to share the pros, cons, of each of them. The advantage of these reviews is they give you an idea of what to expect from the market choices. 

These communities and channels also share useful tips and tricks to improve the flavors and quality of the e-liquid, such as steeping methods that could come in handy. Also, online reviews give in-depth information about the new flavors and pricing that can help you make informed decisions.

Choose Good Quality But Fairly Priced

Vaping indeed involves significant initial costs for the equipment, e-juices. But trying to cut costs by buying cheap e-liquids is not the right path. Beware not to fall prey for e-juice prices that are too low to be true. These liquids may not match your expectations in terms of quality that could hinder the entire experience.

Good quality vape liquids are priced slightly higher due to the presence of premium ingredients that make the experience smooth and effective. It is important to invest only in high-quality liquids as they avoid toxic chemicals and flavorings that could cause discomfort and are associated with health risks with long term use. 

But that also does not mean you have to splurge on e-liquids that are too expensive to be true. Explore brands that provide a promise of quality at reasonable prices. The market for e-liquids is expanding, and brands are coming up with products at comparable price points. Research and understand the average prices of each flavor and e-liquid before you shop. 


Understanding the importance of these parameters while choosing e-liquids helps evaluate the many e-juices available. These five tips can be useful while shopping for e-liquids to select the best choices that match your taste and preference. 

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