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6 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

— April 12, 2022

Riding a motorcycle under dangerous road conditions can contribute to a fatal accident.

Motorcycles can be fun and exciting because they’re fast, flexible, and easy to operate. However, they can also cause dangerous accidents when they’re not appropriately maneuvered. Unlike four-wheel vehicles, collisions involving motorcycles are more life-threatening because motorcyclists have no exterior protection against strong impact.  

When you’re involved in an accident, you may sustain an injury that may result in a disability and other significant consequences. When this happens, you may be eligible to pursue legal action and seek compensation with the assistance of a dedicated legal counsel. Thus, if you don’t want to experience all the hassles, you need to keep yourself safe and sound while riding a motorcycle. You can effectively do it by familiarizing yourself with the typical causes of motorcycle accidents.  

Read on to learn the six typical causes of motorcycle accidents.  

  1. Reckless Driving 

This is another typical reason motorcyclists get involved in a catastrophic road accident. Generally, reckless driving is committed by:

  • Speeding: Motorcycles allow you to drive faster than other vehicles. However, speeding can expose yourself and the other motorists on the road to a serious accident. This is because you have a reduced time to see and react to other drivers to stop a collision from happening. Remember, the higher your driving speed, the higher your chances of having a motorcycle accident with severe consequences.  
  • Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol: Riding a motorcycle after drinking can also cause a road accident. When you drink alcohol, you experience reduced reaction time which prevents you from making a quick decision on the road, thereby increasing the odds of meeting an accident.  

Accidents caused by reckless driving are avoidable. For instance, you should avoid riding your bike at high speed. If you’re drunk, decide not to drive to prevent an unfortunate incident. Instead, call a taxi or ask a friend to drive your motorcycle.  

  1. Lane Splitting

    A motorcyclist in an aggressive lane-splitting situation. Image taken by Ryan J. Farrick.

The practice of riding a motorcycle between two lanes is known as lane splitting. Depending on where you live, it can be legal or illegal. But, even if you’re allowed to do so, lane splitting isn’t encouraged because it can cause a motorcycle accident.  

Due to the proximity of other cars on the road, your space to maneuver your motorcycle is limited, making you susceptible to accidents. So, regardless of the circumstances, refrain from slipping lanes while riding your bike on the road.  

  1. Left Turns  

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is car drivers making errors in judgment when turning left. It usually happens because they wrongfully believe that they have a safe distance from an oncoming vehicle. Since motorcycles are small and less visible, a dangerous collision can happen with a left-turning car.  

It’s best to approach or come closer to an intersection with a sense of caution so other motorists can see you before doing a left turn.  

  1. Tailgating 

Although tailgating resulting in a rear-end accident can be a major cause of road mishaps for different types of vehicles, the one involving a motorcycle can give rise to severe injuries or death. It usually happens when the collision expels the motorcyclist from the bike.  

Hence, to avoid this unfortunate situation, don’t drive too closely behind other vehicles by leaving a safe distance while navigating the highways.  

  1. Collision With Fixed Objects  

If you swerve off the road, there’s a high chance you’ll collide with a fixed object, such as a dead animal, a tree, or a tire. It’s one of the typical causes of motorcycle accidents. In some cases, the collision can be even more fatal if you’re thrown from a motorcycle due to losing control.  

Depending on the level of impact, the consequences can end you up temporarily or permanently disabled or dead. To protect yourself and other motorists from this accident, make sure to keep both arms on the bike’s handles and be vigilant of objects obstructing the road.  

  1. Bad Road Conditions  

Riding a motorcycle under dangerous road conditions can contribute to a fatal accident. For example, debris, slippery surfaces, potholes, and a suddenly appeared animal in the middle of the road can make you lose control while maneuvering your bike.  

You can avoid accidents caused by bad road conditions by being aware of all your surroundings and not riding your bike during inclement weather.  

Bottom Line  

Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be frustrating and traumatic. If you’re not cautious enough while riding, you may sustain injuries that can change your life forever. That being said, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the common causes of motorcycle accidents, as mentioned above.  

By doing so, you can take the necessary steps to prevent these road mishaps as much as possible. Remember, an accident involving a motorcycle can result in a legal issue. If this happens, you need to be legally ready by working with an experienced lawyer in your area.  

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