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6 Disturbing Effects of Domestic Violence on Children You Must Know

— January 5, 2021

Domestic violence may take different forms like shouting and yelling, making kids feel intimidated, controlling children all the time, threats of murder, causing severe injuries, and threats concerning weapons. Violence on kids means the play of control and power of adults over children. Based on the findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in families where partner violence happens, there is a 45 percent to 60 percent possibility of child abuse. 

According to an article published on, women who are abused by their partners during pregnancy may give birth to a newborn with floppy baby syndrome. The child struggles with various health concerns like speech disorders. Read on to learn more about the six disturbing effects of domestic violence on kids.

1. Psychological aftereffects

The emotional consequences after domestic abuse may include fear of abandonment, harm, guilt, extreme worry, deep feeling of sadness, habitual lying, unable to feel empathetic, emotional distancing, low tolerance to frustration, shame, anticipation about the future, and poor sense of judgment. 

2. Anxiety 

Younger kids exposed to domestic violence become overly anxious and often complain of stomachaches and begin wetting their beds. They have a sleeping problem, show bursts of temper, and start acting younger than they are. These kids also find it hard to separate from their abused guardians when they start going to prep school. 

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3. Aggression

Children, a little older, boys especially, show their suffering more in an extrovert manner, like becoming violent as well as defiant. They may use violence as a way to solve some problems. The effects of domestic violence on children may make older boys resort to alcohol, drugs, or play truant. These are ways to block out disturbing memories and experiences of their childhood within the family. 

If you see your child showing such disturbing behavior, it is wise to consult an experienced lawyer dealing in domestic violence cases. 

4. Suppressed distress

When it comes to a girl child, she keeps her pain or distress suppressed and withdraws from others. It results in depression or anxiety. Girls often think poorly of themselves and fret over vague physical symptoms.

In many cases, girls vulnerable to domestic violence develop eating disorders. They also try to injure themselves by taking an overdose of pills or cutting themselves. Girls exposed to domestic violence choose abusive partners too, as studies indicate. 

5. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Kids of any age can develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD when exposed to domestic violence within the family. They may complain of flashbacks, nightmares, killer headaches, nervousness, as well as physical pain. 

6. Poor performance in school 

Kids dealing with domestic abuse at home perform badly in school. They cannot concentrate in the classroom because of the disturbing experiences at home. When a kid feels worried about their abused parent or their own suffering, they feel reluctant to go to school. 


Parents of kids troubled with domestic violence in the family should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to come out of an abusive relationship. Seek the right legal advice for a happy future for your child. 

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