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Top Reasons You Need an Immigration Lawyer for a K1 Fiancé Visa

— January 5, 2021

Do your research about a K1 fiancé visa attorney and choose the most experienced one to help you stay with your partner in the US. 

Finding your life partner and deciding that you want to spend your life with a loved person is a great thing to happen. Then, if a couple wants to stay together in America when one partner is born in a foreign country, there are legal procedures to follow. Yes, you will need a K1 fiancé visa to stay together in the US. The visa is essential and you must try to get it as soon as possible. 

According to an article published on, you need to answer some K1 visa interview questions so that as a foreign citizen, you can enter the US and stay with your partner or spouse. Here are the top reasons you will need an immigration attorney for your fiancé visa.

The lawyer knows the law and represents you

As far as the immigration of the US is concerned, it is complex and that too for some legal professionals. Then, the guidelines and rules are changing continuously, and therefore, you need to hire a lawyer who is aware of the law and has sound knowledge of US immigration laws. 

Again, a licensed lawyer will represent you in a court of law before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is the place where the fiancé visa appeal or request is filed. Your lawyer will represent you in the National Visa Center, where name checks are done. Your case would also be represented at the American Consulate or Embassy, where your fiancé will need to answer interview questions and the visa issued. If you have any doubts, a reputable lawyer for K1 fiancé visas will clarify all your queries. 

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Lawyers will move things quickly

When you try to prepare for the fiancé visa application, you would realize there are numerous forms that you need to fill out. Then, you will have to stop often to research so that you can fill out the forms precisely. If you make some errors, the forms will be rejected. That is why you need to consult with an experienced immigration attorney, who would prepare your fiancé visa application accurately and quickly. 

Attorneys help in preventing serious mistakes 

When it comes to US immigration, there are numerous rules concerning your fiancé’s ability to move to the US during the period of visa processing. For instance, when your fiancé is given a K1 visa, your partner should use the same to travel to the US. No other visas will work and you need to get married within three months. 

Many people make mistakes in the process, requiring the visa process requires initiating all over again. It is a complete waste of your time and effort. Therefore, you need an experienced lawyer to help you prevent mistakes to make the visa process smooth. 

Lawyers prevent unwanted delays

Your lawyer will help to prevent delays related to the K1 visa processing. Did you know that about 40 percent to 60 percent of most fiancé visa requests aren’t approved? Therefore, hire a legal expert to prevent delays and cancelations.


Do your research about a K1 fiancé visa attorney and choose the most experienced one to help you stay with your partner in the US. 

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