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6 Things Every Law Firm Should Know to Improve the Workplace

— June 18, 2021

Whatever methods you think will benefit your law firm, make sure you tailor them to your firm’s specific needs and specialties.

A law firm, like any workplace, can be considered good or bad by its employees and clients. There are many things you can do to ensure your law firm is a positive workplace for your employees and provides a helpful and positive experience for your clients. Here are six things every law firm should know to improve the workplace.

1. Document Management is Essential

Without good document management, a law firm could not function properly. Law firm document management ensures that a law firm’s files and documentation are kept safe and secure as data files, rather than cluttering the office and risking physical damage as paper documents. When you leverage document management systems, you can streamline your workflows, employ a robust cybersecurity infrastructure and store your data in one location with near limitless storage space through the cloud.

2. Second Opinions Help Improve the Workplace

Whether you’re reviewing your marketing and budget or developing strategies to improve your workplace culture and client experiences, it’s always beneficial to have a second opinion. That way, your team is more likely to catch things one person working alone would miss and to brainstorm more creative ideas.

3. Accountability Should Be Required

Any law firm should focus on accountability first and foremost. Without a solid system of accountability, any workplace may risk employees becoming frustrated or unmotivated. This issue can affect organizations of all kinds, but as a law firm is generally focused on providing clients with the best possible outcomes in various legal affairs, it’s essential that law firms provide strong systems of accountability. Your law firm should also ensure your employees are willing and able to voluntarily abide by whatever system you have in place. Establish a written list of partnership procedures and policies to help employees understand what accountability entails at your law firm.

4. The Workplace Culture Must Be Client-driven

Employers and employees; image via Pxhere, CC0.
Image via Pxhere, CC0.

Because your work with your clients is the meat of your business, you must make sure all aspects of your law firm are bent toward benefiting your clients and potential clients. Your offices should be decorated in ways that will help clients feel comfortable, soothed or supported, depending on the type of law your firm practices. You should also make a commitment to diversity and progressive ideals. You want to be welcoming to all clients, no matter their backgrounds or needs and you want to be inclusive and welcoming of their opinions and questions. Not only should you make clients feel welcomed, but you should also be committed to keeping clients informed and assured of your credibility. Make sure clients have access to any relevant information, such as testimonials from former clients available on your website or proof of your attorneys’ experience and knowledge regarding cases similar to the client’s. Don’t oversell your effectiveness or expertise; be honest about the facts of the client’s case and the potential outcomes.

5. You Must Be Committed to Quality

In a business such as a law firm, quality can be relatively subjective. Not only do you need to achieve a certain level of technical quality, but you also need to achieve a more nebulous good service quality. There are plenty of templates available on which to base your commitment to technical quality, but there are no official standards for service quality in law firms, so you may need to brainstorm an effective approach for your team.

6. Effective Leadership is Imperative

Above all, you must make sure your law firm’s leadership is effective. Firmly steer your law firm but don’t become overly rigid. Maintain your firm’s focus, but don’t let your own ego win out. You need exemplary communication skills and to surround yourself with a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Some ways to improve workplaces are common across industries, while others are more specific to one industry. Whatever methods you think will benefit your law firm, make sure you tailor them to your firm’s specific needs and specialties.

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