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60K Pounds of Chicken Nuggets Recalled Due to Contamination

— July 1, 2020

After receiving reports from consumers about rubber materials, Pilgrim’s Pride issued a recall for certain lots of chicken breast nuggets.

Chicken nugget lovers, beware. Earlier this week, Pilgrim’s Pride issued a recall for nearly 59,800 pounds of chicken breast nuggets over concerns they may be contaminated with rubber material, according to the Department of Agriculture. At the moment, the specific product affected by the recall includes:

Caution sign
Caution sign; image courtesy of Goh Rhy Yan via Unsplash,
  • 4-lb. plastic bag packages containing ‘Pilgrim’s FULLY COOKED CHICKEN BREAST NUGGETS’

According to the recall notice, the product was distributed to retailers throughout Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and Oregon. Additionally, the product has a ‘Best-by’ date of May 6, 2021, and the following lot codes are printed on the boxes they’re shipped in: 

  • 0127105009
  • 0127105010
  • 0127105011 
  • 0127105012
  • 0127105013
  • 0127105014
  • 0127105015
  • 0127105016 

Based in Waco, Texas, Pilgrim’s Pride decided to issue the recall after it received a customer complaint “about rubber pieces in the product.” Fortunately, there have been no confirmed reports of consumers experiencing adverse health reactions from consuming the product. 

For now, consumers who have the recalled product should either throw it away or return it for a refund. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact (800) 321-1470.


Nearly 60,000 lbs. of chicken nuggets being recalled because they may contain a rubber material

Pilgrim’s Pride Recalls Nearly 60,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets

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