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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with CBD

— July 14, 2020

You must be aware of the right dosage for yourself. Though CBD is comparatively safer to use, there is always a risk of some health issues.

CBD is trending, and for good reasons. Gone are the days when cannabis and its derivatives were looked down upon, and people show huge doubts about using them. An herb that has been a part of traditional medicine got cold-shoulders in the field of scientific research. 

After decades of disapproval and skepticism, cannabis finally made a way into medical science, and of course, into the hearts of many users. People now know cannabis and CBD for its alternative uses other than as a recreational drug. The legalization of cannabis has more people willing to try it. Here is why CBD is the talk of the town, and people are falling in love with it. 

  1. You can take it in many forms

Vaping and smoking is not the only way to ingest CBD in your system. People who do not have a knack for smoking can go for a sublingual CBD oil that can be easily placed under the tongue or one can buy CBD tincture to put a few drops in herbal tea. If you are foodie, you can cook with cannabutter or oil. For those with a sweet tooth, you can also try CBD gummies from a reputed marijuana dispensary. 

  1. It is non-addictive

There is little to worry about getting addicted to CBD. You may get a knack for using it and might like how it makes you feel. But at a molecular level, it might not interfere.CBD acts as an anxiety suppressant, so quitting it might bring back your anxiety, but it does not mean you’re facing addiction or uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms. Studies state that CBD does not lead to any abuse liability. One, along with the help of a medical practitioner, can learn about the safe administration of CBD. Hence, clearing out the myth about it.

  1. Relieves many health conditions

CBD has become a holy grail of holistic healing. You think of an ailment and CBD offers a potential benefit or simply provides for a cure. From your digestive system and gut health to your healthy heart functions, there are tons of ways CBD supports health and wellbeing. One can topically apply CBD oil to reduce pain and inflammation while consuming it to combat anxiety and stress. Can you think of any other medicine that is so multifunctional?

Loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can be put to so many uses. Also, backed by plenty of medical research, CBD is potentially beneficial in treating chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and obesity. CBD is emerging as a cure-all medicine and who would not love that.

  1. Works wonderfully on your skin

Apart from managing internal health problems, CBD is emerging as a topical treatment for acne-prone skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties come useful in suppressing disruption in the skin. CBD oil and creams are becoming a popular choice as they are full of antioxidants that work against wrinkles and sagging skin. CBD compounds minimize skin sensitivities. Hence, it is gradually becoming a key ingredient in skin and hair products.

  1. Can help your pets

    Two dogs running down a dirt road; image by Alvan Nee, via
    Two dogs running down a dirt road; image by Alvan Nee, via

Just like human beings, CBD also interacts with your pets endocannabinoid system. Therefore their bodies are naturally capable of showing receptivity towards CBD oil. So, they may experience the positive benefits of CBD just like you. In elderly dogs, CBD topical products can help relieve anxiety. It may also help your pet to feel less anxious and help with their digestive issues. 

  1. It can boost your immunity

Every day we are exposed to the threat of viruses, infections, and bacteria. Regardless of taking all necessary precautions and care, we must also take appropriate measures to build our immunity stronger. Gladly, CBD oil shows can modulate our immune systems by reducing internal inflammation and stress in our bodies. It also supports our digestive system, thus can help us derive the maximum nutrition from our food. 

  1. It does not show psychoactive effects

For anybody who loves cannabis for its natural healing properties but does not like the idea of hitting the high, CBD is the perfect solution. The fact that CBD shows no psychoactive properties but comes with amazing healing benefits, the reluctance behind using this herb is gradually diminishing. 

The bottom line

There is a huge hype in CBD, and the market is raving with all sorts of CBD products. You may find CBD oils, tinctures, vaping oil, gummies, and edibles. However, you must be aware of the right dosage for yourself. Though CBD is comparatively safer to use, there is always a risk of some health issues. One of the most common side-effects that people face with the use of CBD is nausea and dizziness. Getting help from a registered expert before trying any medication, including the herbal ones, is a safe bet.

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