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7 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

— May 14, 2019

Working smarter means you accomplish more in the same amount of time, with better quality, and greater peace of mind.

Everyone can work harder, this is common knowledge – work smarter, on the other side, not so many. Working hard is like busting your ass without having a goal, a path to follow – you just work hard to satisfy your boss.

Working smart is about managing your time effectively and about knowing what step to make even in unexpected situations because you know what you’re aiming for. A smart worker has a master plan in mind and everything he does makes has a logical explanation.

It sounds amazing, I know, but you can be a smart worker too – everyone can if they really want to. The beauty of working smart is that you’re achieving a lot more in less time.

Therefore, if you no longer want to work hard, here are 7 great ways to work smarter:

Take a Lot of Breaks

Usually, people at work are taking one big break for launch and focus on their work for the rest of the time. Most of the people who are doing that believe that it’s good and that they are effective.

The truth is that, yes, it works, but it’s not effective. They put on really hard work and struggle to focus on more than they are capable of.

Working smart implies taking a lot of short breaks. Around five minutes should be just enough to relax and recharge your batteries. Just remember to do nothing during the short breaks so your brain can relax effectively.

The average person is capable to focus efficiently around 10-15 minutes and it requires a lot of practice to focus for more than 15 minutes.

Do the Hardest Thing First

Throughout the day, we have more things to achieve and tasks to do – some harder than others. You can start with a random task, with the one you like the most, with the easiest, simplest one, or the hardest one.

Hard workers start with any of the last three options. But a smart worker always begins with the hardest task. Why? Because in the morning when the work starts, we have the biggest amount of energy.

Therefore, you can leverage it and do the hardest thing first, or waste it and do the easiest thing.

Effective Time Management

Effective time management should be an art – “the art of managing your time effectively.” There are few who are aware of the importance of managing your time effectively.

The experts from bestessayservicereviews advise that time management should be used in terms of importance and urgency in order to be the most effective throughout the day.

The way you manage your time changes the way you work from hard to smart. How? Well, knowing how long a task is going to take you helps you create a realistic schedule, leading you to work less hour for the same amount of tasks.

Create a Realistic and Yet Flexible Schedule

A daily to-do list or schedule is like the roadmap towards your destination. Every day we plan to achieve several things. But without knowing the specific way you’re going to achieve those things, you’ll work hard instead of smart.

Every successful person has a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedule or plan shaped by their goals. Why, because knowing your every step saves a lot of time and time is money. 

As well, an effective schedule requires a big dose of realism to know exactly how much time to allocate for a task. And, you might want to create it with a note of flexibility as unexpected things can pop up anytime. 

Practice Meditation

We can all get overwhelmed by our responsibilities sometimes. We’re only human after all. The trick is how we’re overcoming those times – by working harder and stressed out by the deadlines or by finding a smarter way to work?

A stack of balanced stones by the water at the beach at sunset; image by Thomas Rey, via
A stack of balanced stones by the water at the beach at sunset; image by Thomas Rey, via

Of course, you want to work smarter, but how could you find a smart way when you are stressed? It’s simple, you meditate to calm down, relax, and get a clearer vision of the situation. 

According to australianwritings, meditation is a healthy way to deal with stressful situations at work and in life generally.

Don’t Multitask

Multitasking can be the root of all evil or negative outcomes when you work. Our mind works the most efficiently when focusing on one thing/task. Working on more than one task at a time increases the risk of failure and decreases quality.

Not to mention that multitasking requires harder work and most probably more time. Therefore, if you want to work smart, just don’t multitask.

Spend Time in Nature

The urban life is stressful enough without having to work just because everyone is stressed out around you. Therefore, every once in a while, you should spend some quality time in nature, where everything is quiet and peaceful. 

Find the closest forest to your city, preferably take your bike, and take your time to let nature recharge your batteries. 

Many successful people have their houses far from urban life and they are surrounded by nature. I think you can understand why now?

There’s no successful person who works hard. Every successful man or woman found a smarter way to work that lead them towards success eventually. Above are 7 ways that will put you on the right path and that will help you work smarter.

You have everything you need to enroll in the path towards a more successful life and career. Are you ready to step up your game?

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